Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire is a very popular single-player card game, categorized as a single deck Solitaire game. The game gets its name from the layout of the playing field after the cards have been dealt. The shape of the playing field looks like a triangle or a Pyramid. At you can play free Pyramid Solitaire online. No registration or downloads required. Since our version of Pyramid Solitaire is built in HTML5 you can enjoy playing Pyramid Solitaire on all devices like your iPhone, iPad or any Android mobile device.

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Play Pyramid Solitaire Online

Online Pyramid Solitaire had become very popular. It became so popular that Microsoft decided to add the game to their Microsoft entertainment Pack Series in 2012. It became part of Windows 8, Windows 10, and part of their in 2012 launched online solitaire platform: Microsoft Windows Solitaire Collection. The game you can play here is built by Arkadium Studios. Arkadium is a very professional game studio that cooperated with Microsoft to develop their newest Solitaire games. Therefore you can be sure that you will play the highest quality of Pyramid Solitaire free and directly online in your browser.

Pyramid Solitaire Rules

The Pyramid Solitaire Rules are a little bit different compared to other Solitaire games. It is important to know that there are a lot of variations on the game of Pyramid Solitaire. The rules you read here are the official rules of the traditional Pyramid Solitaire . Before we are telling you more about the object of the game we will first explain how you deal a new game and what the standard setup is.

Pyramid Solitaire Setup of a new Game

Below you see a picture with the setup of the game Pyramid Solitaire. As you can see the cards are dealt in the shape of the big pyramid of Giza. because of this the game got his name Pyramid Solitaire. Pyramid Solitaire is played with one deck of 52 cards, no jokers involved.

Pyramid Solitaire Setup New Game
  • When you press the start button (card icons) the game will open instantly.
  • All cards are dealt in a triangle shape from top to bottom starting with 1 card, 2 cards, 4 cards up to 7 cards
  • In total, the Pyramid will contain 28 open-faced cards
  • The cards left over are forming the stockpile.

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to take all cards out of the Pyramid by making combinations / pairs by cards that add up to a value of 13. When you finish all cards from the pyramid you win the game.


Cards are paired by following rules:

  • You can only play cards that aren’t blocked by other cards. So you start at the bottom of the Pyramid.
  • The goal is to form pairs between cards of the pyramid and the pile or between cards of the pyramid themselves
  • You form a pair when the total value of the cards together form 13 points
  • You can cycle maximum 3 times through the pile

Valuation of the Cards

Every number is equally valued. So 2 is worth 2, 3 is worth 3, etc

  • Aces are worth 1 (pairs with Queen)
  • Jacks are worth 11 (pairs with two)
  • Queens are worth 12 (pairs with Ace)
  • Kings are worth 13 and can be played automatically

Below you can see all numbers and pictures of the cards used with this game in order. All suits have the same value so you can make pairs with numbers of different suits combined.

Solitaire value of cards


Arkadium aded a scoring method in the game. The scoring is based on the following elements:

  • For every matched pair you earn 5 points
  • You will receive bonus points to faster you finish the Triangle
  • You will receive bonus points the more cards you have left over in the pile

Strategy and Tips

Not all games of classic Pyramid Solitaire are solvable. Whenever you start a game, it’s wise to scan the setup you got dealt with by the computer. In case the computer will deal you an impossible pair there is no chance you will ever finish the game. An example of an impossible paired game is that when you have a top card 9 which is burried under all fours, you can’t win the game

  • Here the best strategy tips to win Pyramid Solitaire more often
  • When you are able to play a King, you should play the King
  • Don’t pair cards between the stock and the waste pile.
  • Always give preference to match a pair with 2 cards of the Pyramid
  • Try to play the cards from the Pyramid evenly, try to avoid to end up with a row of single cards only

Variations and Simular Games

There are a lot of variations and types of solitaire based on Pyramid Solitaire. Especially nowadays with the many online solitaire games, you can play, new Pyramid Solitaire variants like Pyramid Beach Resort are popping up like new found mummies in Egypt. But there are still so many other variations to discover, why wont you give Freecell solitaire a try? And after you master Freecell hop over to Tripeaks Solitaire, and keep getting better at every game.