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If you can’t choose between a good game of Solitaire and Blackjack, 21 Solitaire might be just the game for you. 21 Solitaire has different games that all have the same gameplay. You play this game like Blackjack, but there still is a touch of Solitaire. Sounds complicated? Not at all! On this page, you will learn how to play this excellent game, discover the rules, and can try twenty one Solitaire for free. You’ll be surprised how great a combination of a casino game and Solitaire works out.

Joypad Media 21 Solitaire rules

The 21 Solitaire rules are straightforward. Especially if you’ve already played Blackjack before, 21 Solitaire will not have any secrets for you. In each of the Solitaire 21 game titles, your goal is to defeat the bank of getting as close to 21. You receive two cards and need to be close to but not over 21. When your score is better than the bank, you win 21 Solitaire. You can place some extra bets, but the twenty one Solitaire rules generally stay the same.

21 Solitaire rules summary

  • Beat the bank or score points by getting a value as close to 21 points as possible without going over it.
  • Suits and colors are irrelevant in 21 Solitaire.
  • When you go over 21, you’re bust and lose the level.
  • An Ace has a value of 1 or 11 points.
  • K, Q, and J are worth 10 points.
  • Each numbered card has a value as high as the number on the card.
  • In the Casino and Casino Extreme game, you need to defeat the bank by following the 21 Solitaire rules to win.
  • Earn medals by playing different hands or receiving specific cards.
  • Depending on the game you choose, you play 10 or 25 levels.
  • The Basic 10 level plays with two decks (104) cards.
  • Both Basic 25 and Casino games have four decks with 104 cards.
  • The Casino Extreme game has six decks and cards in total.

How to play 21 Solitaire

You play 21 Solitaire just like Blackjack. There is no need to search for how to play 21 Solitaire online since we’ll explain exactly how the game works in the following paragraphs. The value of the cards and the rules are essential when you want to know how to play 21 Solitaire. The main objective is to create a value of 21 with your cards without going over that number. When you see the similarities between twenty one Solitaire and Blackjack, how to play Solitaire 12 is the last thing you’ll ask; the rules are easy, and the game is straightforward.

How to move the cards

  • With 21 Solitaire, you don’t move cards. Each hand disappears after a hand automatically from the deck.
  • There is no Undo button or hint Button.
  • You get two cards; choose if you want to take another card (Hit), pass (Double), change one of two cards when they are the same (split), or double your wage (in Casino and Casino Extreme).
  • Try to get as close to 21, without going over it, to set a good score or beat the bank. that’s how to play 21 Solitaire
  • With the basic games, you earn points based on the value of your hand. Win a game with 18, and you receive 18 points.
  • Scores in the casino games in twenty one Solitaire are based on your bets. If you win $50 from a bet, that amount will be added to your balance. Your balance reflects your score in Casino and Casino Extreme 21 Solitaire.

Game features

21 Solitaire is full of game features that have to do with the four games simultaneously. You have options to choose the design (colors) of the game, enable/disable the sound, and clear your historical data and achievements for the game. A great 21 Solitaire game feature is the possibility to earn medals. When you are dealt unique hands, you can earn a medal. All available medals are shown in the main menu of the game.

The four Casino 21 games are:

  • Basic 10 (10 levels with two card decks, no dealer)
  • Basic 25 (25 levels with four card decks, no dealer)
  • Casino (10 levels, four card decks, dealer, and $ 1.000 starting cash)
  • Casino Extreme (25 levels, six card decks, dealer, $ 5.000 starting cash, side bets.)

Extra features in Casino games 21 Solitaire

The Casino games come with extra game features in 21 Solitaire. With the standard Casino game, you place a regular bet. Bet $ 10 and win 10 (1:1) if you beat the dealer and 15 when you have Blackjack (3:2). The Soft 17 rule for the dealer is not activated, and there are no side bets.

The Casino Extreme game is not only played with more cards and has more levels; there are also side bets available. Besides, you start with a $ 5.000 balance instead of the regular $ 1.000 cash in the regular Casino Game. The other difference is that the “soft 17” rule for the dealer is activated. The possible bets in Casino Extreme 21 Solitaire are:

  • Bet / Blackjack: regular bet (pays 1:1 when you beat the dealer and 3:2 when you have Blackjack
  • Pairs: Getting a pair as your first two hands (pays 5:1)
  • Five-Card Charlie: Finishing with a score of 21 or lower with five or more cards (pays 5:1)

Play free 21 Solitaire online

Are you ready to combine Blackjack and Solitaire in a unique and fun game? Then you must play free 21 Solitaire online at the top of this page. You don’t need to register, watch ads or play with money; the game is free. Besides 21 Solitaire, there are many other games available on our website. You don’t need a 21 Solitaire download but can play each game directly in your browser. A fantastic game that’s just as exciting as the game on this page is 6 Peaks Solitaire. Feel free to check that game out as well!