Tripeaks Solitaire Garden Inlogic play online for free

As the title suggests, Tripeaks Solitaire Garden is an excellent game from Inlogic with a garden theme. On this page, we will discuss the game features and rules of the game. You can also play Tripeaks Solitaire Garden free online on this page. After reading all the information here, you know precisely if Tripeaks Solitaire iGarden is your next favorite Solitaire game. Whether you’d like to play Tripeaks Solitaire Garden online or read more information first, you are on the right page.

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Inlogic Tripeaks Solitaire Garden rules

The Tripeaks Solitaire Garden rules are straightforward, making the game easy to play. There are multiple levels, and while most of the Inlogic Tripeaks Solitaire Garden rules are the same, some levels have a time limit. The most significant rule is to place cards one point higher or lower on the base card. You win Tripeaks Soltiare Garden when you clear all cards from the tableau and put them on the pile of the bottom of the cards.

Solitaire Tripeaks Garden rules overview

  • You can place a card with one point higher or lower on another card. 
  • On an Ace, you can put a King and a two.
  • When there are no other moves available, you can switch the base card,
  • You can use the undo button to reverse an action.
  • Some levels have a countdown timer
  • You can score more points by moving multiple cards after each other.
  • You win a game of Solitaire Tripeaks Garden when all cards are on the base card.

How to play Solitaire Tripeaks Garden

The question “how to play Solitaire Tripeaks Garden?” doesn’t require a lengthy answer. You play it just like any other Tripeaks online game. The rules are the same: place a card with one point lower or higher on top of the current base card. When you manage to clear all cards from the tableau, you win the game of Solitaire Tripeaks Garden and proceed to the next level. That is how to play Solitaire Tripeaks Garden in short, but believe us, that’s all you need to know before you start a game of this beautiful game.

Screenshot solitaire tripeaks garden inlogic gameplay

How to move the cards

Cards move to the base pile when you click on them. You don’t need to drag a card; a simple click will do. Make sure the card you want to transfer is precisely one point or higher than the card on the base. You can collect more points when you can take multiple actions in a row. Did you make a mistake? Then use the undo button. It will reverse your last move, and you can use the button as much as you have enough gold. Each reverse will cost you 100 gold coins, so you better choose your cards wisely when you play Solitaire Tripeaks online

  • Move a card by clicking on it.
  • Cards will only move to the base if they are one point higher or lower than the current base card.
  • You can move a King and a two on top of an ace.
  • Use the undo button to reverse your last actions.
  • Place all cards on the base pile to win Solitaire Tripeaks Garden free online.

Game features

There are many different game features in Solitaire Tripeaks Garden Inlogic. You can play multiple levels, and many extra options make this game very interesting. Each game has different challenges. Some come with a countdown timer, while others only show an undo button. On some levels, you can use a joker. The remaining number of cards in the base pile will determine your score in Solitaire. The higher your score, the more stars you get. When you finish all levels in an area, you can proceed to another stage.

Play free Solitaire Tripeaks Garden online

Solitaire Tripeaks Garden is a beautiful game with many options and game features. Because of the many different levels, this game will never bore. You can spend hours on this fantastic title, and each level Solitaire Tripeaks Garden will still manage to surprise you. Another game with a similar theme and gameplay is Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest. You can choose which game to play since you can play both Solitaire Harvest and Solitaire Tripeaks Garden free online.