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Wouldn’t it be great to combine two of the best card games into one fantastic solitaire game? Addicting games just made your dream come true with Poker Solitaire. A game that plays like Solitaire but where you need to pick poker hands to score points and finish the game. Sounds complicated? Not at all! Poker Solitaire is very easy to play, and on this page, we will explain how to play Poker Solitaire and even let you play Poker Solitaire free online!

Addicting Games Poker Solitaire rules

The Poker Solitaire rules aren’t complicated. Even if you didn’t play much poker before, the game is relatively easy to understand. The game starts when 54 cards are dealt in nine cells. That means that each cell has six cards. Your goal is to clear the deck from Poker Solitaire by making poker hands. You create a poker hand by selecting cards, and the better your hand, the more points you’ll receive. Knowing the Poker Solitaire rules is the only thing you need to win.

Poker Solitaire rules overview

  • Poker Solitaire uses 52 cards.
  • The cards are divided into nine cells.
  • You only see the top card of each pile
  • For each poker hand you make, you receive points.
  • When you make a hand, the used cards will disappear.
  • The better your hand, the higher your score.
  • The lowest hand is a Pair with 10 points.
  • The best hand is Straight Flush for 150 points.
  • You can delete two cards that you can’t use.
  • The game is over when you can’t make new moves or delete cards.

How to play Poker Solitaire

When all cards are dealt, you see nine fields with open cards. It’s easy to find out how to play Poker Solitaire since there is an instructions page in the menu. Your goal is simple. Make poker hands with the available cards and set a high score. We will show the points per hand under the game features paragraph. If you want to know how to play Poker Solitaire, we advise you to start a game and follow the instructions. Some examples are a Pair (two cards with the same value, such as KK or 44) or a Full House (a set of three of the same cards combined with a Pair, like AAA22)

screenshot poker solitaire game

How to move the cards

You don’t move the cards since you need to click on them to clear them from the board. Click on multiple cards to form a poker hand. More rare hands result in more points. When you click on cards that don’t make a hand, you will see “invalid hand” written on the bottom of your screen. It’s not always possible to finish the game, but you can discard two games. There is a trash symbol. By selecting a card and then clicking on the trash, you remove the card from the field and play with it.

  • Select cards to make a valid poker hand to remove them from the board.
  • When you remove a card, the card under it becomes visible.
  • You can discard two cards when you don’t feel you can use them by clicking on the trash can symbol.
  • There is no Undo button, but you can click a second time on a card to unselect it.
  • You can only remove cards from the board if they form a valid poker hand. The lowest hand is a Pair with 10 points.
  • The best hand is a Straight Flush with 150 points.

Game features

Besides the trash can symbol to discard two cards, a menu, and a leaderboard, Addicting Games also added an instruction screen to Poker Solitaire and a retro techno soundtrack with FX sounds which you can disable on the top of your screen or on the main menu. The most important feature is the value of the poker hands. You don’t have an option to choose a difficulty, but the scoring mechanism makes Poker Solitaire online free challenging enough.

How to score points with Poker Solitaire

To score points and clear the cards from the deck, you need to make poker hands by selecting cards. The better your hand, the more points you score. We summed up the different hands and their value in the list below.

  • Pair: two cards that are the same (KK or QQ): 10 points
  • Two Pairs: creating two pairs from four cards (KK and 33): 25 points
  • Mini Straight: a sequence of three cards in ascending order (A23 of 567): 40 points
  • Three of a kind: three cards with the same value (JJJ, 777): 40 points
  • Mini Straight Flush: Mini straight with cards from the same suit (A23 hearts): 50 points
  • Flush: five cards from the same suit in any order (749JA diamonds): 60 points
  • Full House: Three of a kind + a Pair (44455): 80 points
  • Straight: Five cards in ascending order (5678910): 90 points
  • Four of a Kind: four identical cards ( KKKK, 9999): 125 points
  • Straight Flush: Five cards from the same suit in ascending order (45678 Spades): 150 points

Play free Poker Solitaire online

Poker Solitaire is a great game that is easy to play and so challenging that it will keep you hooked for hours. If you want to discover this game, you should play free Poker Solitaire online at the top of our page. Besides the Poker Solitaire game, you can play many other Solitaire games on our page. Solitaire Master is a fantastic card game that is at least as exciting as free Poker Solitaire online and also free to play on our website.