Aris Solitaire Success Corporation

Aris Solitaire might not be the most famous Solitaire game, but you can make sure that this game will pick your brain. The rules are quite easy once you understand how to play the game. The main objective is to pass as many games as possible. While many solitaire games are based on luck, strategy and calculations are most important with Aris Solitaire. Do you want to try this game directly? Then play Aris Solitaire at the top of this page.

Success Corporation Aris Solitaire rules

The Aris Solitaire rules might look complicated, but there aren’t too many rules, which makes them easy to understand. You win by combining multiple cards that match the target card. The target is shown on the top, and you’ll see five cards under them. You can subtract, add, multiply and divide. To make the game even more challenging, the Aris Solitaire rules are combined with a time limit. You only have 10 seconds to find the matching cards to match the target card.

Aris Solitaire rules overview

  • Use +, -, x, ÷ to calculate the number that matches the target card.
  • You have 10 seconds per card to find an answer.
  • You can play with either one or two target cards.
  • You lose an Aris Solitaire Game when you give the wrong answer or don’t manage to answer on time.
  • When you match the target card and are within the time limit, you proceed to the next round.

How to play Aris Solitaire

You play Aris Solitaire differently than other solitaire games. We have to admit that you’ll need some maths skills to beat most levels with Aris Solitaire. Do you wonder how to play Aris Solitaire? Then you’ve reached the right page. Many other websites only allow you to play Aris Solitaire online but don’t give you any instructions. We’ll tell you precisely how to play Aris Solitaire, show you how much the cards are worth and what your options are in this interesting game.

Aris solitaire game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • With Aris Solitaire online, you don’t move cards; you select cards to match the target card.
  • Also You can add, subtract, divide and multiply to make sure you match the target card.
  • You can use a minimum of one card, with a maximum of all cards, as long as you get the same value as the target.
  • The King is worth 13 points.
  • A Queen has a value of 12 points.
  • A Jack counts for 11 points.
  • An Ace has a value of 1 point.
  • Make sure you find your answer within the time limit to proceed to the next round.
  • A wrong answer means the end of the game.

Game features

Aris Solitaire is an exciting game that doesn’t need many features. There is no undo button, and you can’t ask for a hint. You can choose a card design and switch on or off the sound. A more interesting feature is the fact that you can choose your difficulty. You can choose the easy mode where you only have one target card. The hard mode is played with two target cards. Your target number is then the sum of the two cards. Of course, there is also the timer which plays a significant role in Aris Solitaire online.

Play free Aris Solitaire online

You can play free Aris Solitaire online at the top of this page. There is no need to search for an Aris Solitaire download, but you can play directly in your browser. Besides free Aris Solitaire online, there are many other Solitaire games to play on our website. A fun and challenging game is Aunt Mary Solitaire which is available without creating an account or watching ads. Try it now or discover all other solitaire games on our site,