Solitaire Legend Addicting Games

Solitaire Legend is an excellent game from Addicting Games, which is easy to play and a real challenge for every kind of player. We will not only tell you how to play Solitaire Legend on this page and what the rules are, but you can also play Solitaire Legend free online. Will you become the next Solitaire Legend? Learn how to play, give this game a try, and set a high score on the leaderboard. 

Addicting Games Solitaire Legend rules

The Addicting Games Solitaire Legend rules are pretty similar to other Solitaire rules. The game starts with 28 cards spread over eight columns. The first column has one open-faced card, and each next column has one closed card above that bottom card. Your goal is to move the 28 Tableau cards to the Foundation, but you also need to remove all the Stockpile cards. Once all cards are in the Foundation, you win Solitaire Legend.

Solitaire Legend rules summary

  • You start Solitaire Legend with 28 cards spread over seven columns. 
  • You can only move open-faced cards that are fully visible or a sequence of descending cards.
  • The cards in the Tableau must be placed under cards that are one point higher and from another color.
  • The first card in the Foundation must be an Ace.
  • The cards in a Foundation cell must be from one suit and in descending order.
  • According to the Solitaire Legend rules, you can deal one card or three Stockpile cards at a time.
  • You can browse unlimited times through the Stockpile.
  • You can move only one card to the Foundation per move.
  • When all cards are in the Foundation cells, you win Solitaire Legend.

How to play Solitaire Legend

As long as you remember the rules, it’s not too difficult to play Solitaire Legend. Your main objective is to move all cards to the Foundation. You can free up cards by moving cards under other cards in the Tableau. When cards have another color and a one-point difference in value, they can be placed under each other. The main rule with How to play Solitaire Legend is that cards in the Tableau must be in alternating colors and descending order, while the Foundation only accepts cards in ascending order and the same suit.

screenshot solitaire legend game

How to move the cards

  • Double-clicking on a card will move it to the best possible spot. That can be in the Tableau or Foundation.
  • Another option is to drag cards under cards in the Tableau or to the Foundation.
  • A card in the Tableau must have one point less in another color if you want to place it under another card.
  • You can move multiple cards in the Tableau. These cards must form a sequence in descending with the top card one point lower than the card you want to place the cards under
  • You cannot finish Solitaire Legend without using the Stockpile cards.
  • Before the game starts, you can choose if you want to deal one or three cards at a time from the Stockpile.
  • Kings are the only cards that can fill up empty Tableau cells.
  • The first card in a Foundation cell is always an Ace.
  • The order in the Foundation is ascending (+1), and cards must be in the same suit.
  • You win Solitaire Legend when all 52 cards are in the Foundation.

Game features

Solitaire legend is a compact but complete solitaire game that boasts a couple of interesting features. There are multiple options to customize the looks of the game. You can change the background color and the design of the cards and even select a layout for right- or left-handed people. Solitaire Legend has a separate scoring mechanism, a counter that tracks your actions, and a clock. On top of that, there is a leaderboard where players can set a high score. 

Scoring points with Solitaire Legend

There are three ways to score points with Solitaire Legend. You get points for each card you move from the Stockpile to the Tableau and gain points when you place cards under other cards in the Tableau. Placing a card under another card in the Tableau also gives you points.

  • You get 10 points for each card you move to the Foundation
  • For each card from the Stockpile you place in the Tableau, you get 5 points.
  • Moving cards under another Tableau card results in 5 points.

Play free Solitaire Legend online

With many different options, it’s a pleasure to play free Solitaire Legend online. You can play this game for free at the top of this page. You don’t need to watch ads or, even worse, register before you play. Besides Solitaire Legend, we have many other Klondike, Solitaire, and Freecell games on our website. You should try Poker Solitaire, which brings two amazing card games together, but you can also first play free Solitaire Legend online before switching to another game.