Mansion Solitaire

Mansion Solitaire is unique, challenging, and an incredible game to master. This title will blow your mind with a different design and goal that you’re used to. With most online solitaire games, you need to remove all cards from the board to win. Mansion Solitaire works the other way around. You need to build a house by matching two cards from the same suit or same rank. When you manage to make a house (mansion) from the cards, you win Mansion Solitaire. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry; it isn’t. We will tell you everything we know on this page so you can master Mansion Solitaire on even the most challenging level.

Success Corporation Mansion Solitaire rules

Before you start a game of Mansion Solitaire, you’re asked if you want to play an easy or hard level. You need to build a four-story house on the easy level and one story more on the hard level. You can make a pillar of two cards with two matching suits or ranks. After filling the first floor with cards, you need to place a bridge card on top. Afterward, you can add the second layer of cards on top of that bridge. The Mansion Solitaire rules only a lower value of the upper layer than the number of cards below it. When you manage to build a four (easy) or five (hard) story mansion, you win Mansion Solitaire.

Mansion Solitaire rules overview

  • The mansion solitaire rules state that you play Mansion Solitaire with 52 cards.
  • You can choose between an easy level where you need to build four floors or a difficult level with five floors.
  • You can pair identical suits or the same ranks.
  • Each pair of cards needs a bridge card on top.
  • When you build the second floor or above, the upper card should be smaller than the sum of the lower cards.
  • If the sum of upper cards is higher than the cards below, that part of the mansion will fall down.
  • Each time you will have five cards in your hand.
  • You can place 1 card in the “hold” field.
  • You can add a new card to your hand with a click on the stock.
  • When the sum of two cards equals 24, the sum of lower cards can be ignored.
  • When the sum equals 25, it can stop the two groups of cards from falling, and the sum of lower cards can be ignored.
  • A pair of aces overrules the sum 25 rules and makes higher cards under it collapse.
  • You can only browse once through the stock.
  • You’ve won the game when your mansion didn’t fall, and you completed all floors according to the Mansion Solitaire rules.

How to play Mansion Solitaire

While Mansion Solitaire might look daunting, it’s not too hard to figure out how to play it. That’s right: How to play Mansion Solitaire is relatively easy. Remember that you can only pair two identical ranks or suits, and you already know half of the Mansion Solitaire rules. When you start this game for the first time, we recommend beginning with easy mode. You can begin to place cards by selecting two identical cards in either suit or rank; you then see them forming a triangle which you can place on the deck. The rules in both ways are the same, but the easy game is quick to grasp when you want to figure out how to play Mansion Solitaire first.

mansion solitaire game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • Click on two identical cards in rank to form a triangle that you can place on the deck.
  • You can place one card in the “hold” cell.
  • Placing a card in “hold” gives you a place for a new card from the stock.
  • On top of each set of cards there needs to be a bridge card.
  • The value of two cards in a second or following layer needs to be lower than the two cards below.
  • If the value of the next layer is higher, that layer will fall down.
  • A Jack is worth 11 points, a Queen 12 points, and a King 13 points.
  • And Ace has a value of one.
  • When the sum of two cards equals 24, you can place it on top of lower cards without the risk of falling.
  • When the sum of two cards equals 25, it can prevent the two sets of cards below it from falling down, and you can place it on top of lower cards as well.
  • A Pair of Aces above 24 or 25 cards will make these cards fall.
  • When you build your four or five flour mansion, you win Mansion Solitaire.
  • Keep in mind that there is no undo button, and both the stock and hold cell is limited.

Game features

Mansion Solitaire has two different levels, a simple design and a clock that tracks your time. A nice touch is the wooden or metal cards when you make a set of 24 or 25. You can place one card in the Hold cell and see the remaining cards in the Stockpile. If you wonder how to play this game, you can click on the question mark or “how to play” sign to read the extensive instructions before you want to start a game. There are no other game settings besides starting a new game, pausing it, and restarting your game. Your score is based on the time spent on the game and the remaining cards left in the Stockpile.

Play free Mansion Solitaire online

A unique mix between solitaire and building blocks. That is how you can summarize Mansion Solitaire online. If you want to play free Mansion Solitaire Online, scroll to the top of this page. There you can play this fantastic game directly in your browser without a Mansion Solitaire download. Also, Microsoft Solitaire, one of the most played games ever in this genre, is available to play for free, just like this free Solitaire game.