Classic Spider Solitaire FG Studio

Are you looking for a Spider Solitaire game without too many animations and where you can practice your skills? Then Classic Spider Solitaire is a game you have to try. On this page, you will discover how great the gameplay of Classic Spider Solitaire is; we’ll go over the rules and let you play Classic Spider Solitaire free online. Even if you’ve never played any Solitaire game before, you’ll have no issues learning this excellent solitaire game. Just read the information on this page, and give Classic Spider Solitaire a try at the top of this page.

FG Studio Classic Spider Solitaire rules

The Classic Spider Solitaire rules are easy to learn, and once you know how to play the game, you’ll never forget the rules. You can choose if you want to play with one, two or three suits. The more suits you choose, the harder the game. The goal of this cardgame is to remove the cards from the board. You can do that by creating sequences from King to Ace from the same suit. Once you make a series of thirteen descending cards, they will disappear from the board. When there is no card left, you win Classic Spider Solitaire.

Spider Solitaire rules summary

  • You start Classic Spider Solitaire with 54 cards that are divided over ten columns. The lowest row of cards is open-faced; all other cards are closed.
  • Then You can only place cards under cards that have one point more.
  • And you can make sequences with different colors, but only series with same-suited cards will disappear from the board.
  • You can not win a game if you don’t follow the rules and use all the Stockpile cards.
  • You can only move open-faced cards.
  • A closed card will turn once you remove the open-faced card under it.
  • You begin with 500 points, but each move costs you one point.
  • For creating a Royal Flush (K-A same suit), you receive 100 points.
  • There is no Undo button.
  • You win when all cards are removed from the board.
  • When there are no other moves possible and all cards are in play, you use Classic Spider Solitaire.

How to play Classic Spider Solitaire

Do you want to learn how to play Classic Spider Solitaire? Then all you have to do is read the following paragraphs, and you’re ready to go. The Classic Spider Solitaire rules are similar to any other Solitaire game. Make sequences of 13 cards in descending order to remove them from the board. When there are no more cards on the board, and you used all Stockpile cards, you win Classic Spider Solitaire online.

classic spider solitaire game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • You can move cards by dragging them under a one-point higher card.
  • Cards in the Tableau can only be shifted under a one-point higher card. This could be a card of the same suit or a card of a different suit.
  • You can only move multiple cards of the same suit simultaneously.
  • The King is the top card, each sequence begins with a King, and only a Queen can be placed under it.
  • The Ace is the deck’s lowest card, completing a row of 13 decreasing cards.
  • A click on a Stockpile card gives a new open-faced card in each column.
  • The game doesn’t have an Undo button, so be careful when placing your cards.

Game features

Classic Spider Solitaire has simple gameplay but still challenges you with some unique game features. There is an instructions page inside the game, and you have the option to restart a game. This games has a jazzy soundtrack which you can switch off with the button on the top-right of your screen. A vital game feature is the choice of difficulty levels that are presented. You have three options: easy (1 suit), medium (2 types of cards), or difficult (4 suits).

Scoring points with Classic Spider Solitaire

Classic Spider Solitaire online begins with 500 points. You can score points by making complete sequences of 13 cards (K-A) in the same suite. Each move you make will cost you one point. There is no undo button, so it’s better to take your time and make sure you’re making the right decision, there is no clock. When you make such a sequence, the cards will move to the Foundation, and you receive 100 points.

Play free Classic Spider Solitaire online

Now you know how to play Classic Spider Solitaire online. We told you about the rules, the gameplay, and the features. The only thing left to do is play free Classic Spider Solitaire online. You’ll find a free version at the top of this page. You don’t need to register for a Classic Spider Solitaire download. You can play this game, just as Crescent Solitaire, in your browser for free. There are tons of free Solitaire games to find on our page. Discover them all and have fun!