Patience Windows XP

Patience Windows XP is the most famous and most played Patience game ever. Windows XP was released in 2001 and had Patience Windows XP directly available. Since the internet was still not as common as now, Patience Windows XP was one of the few ways to play a quick game on your PC. Are you feeling nostalgic? On this page, we’ll bring Patience Windows XP back to life! We’ll go over the Patience Windows XP rules, but more importantly, you can even play Patience Windows XP free online!

Patience Windows XP Rules

The Patience Windows XP rules became the standard for online patience games. After the success of Patience Windows XP, many companies copied the game and rules. If you’ve played some kind of patience online game before, you’ll be happy to see that the rules are mainly the same. Move all the cards to the four Foundation cells to win Patience Windows XP. Cards in the playfield (Tableau) must be one point lower and in a different color to place them under other cards. The Foundation cards must be in ascending order and from the same suit.

Patience Windows XP rules summary

  • Patience Windows XP starts with 28 cards divided over seven columns.
  • You can only move open-faced cards.
  • Cards in the Tableau must be placed under cards with one value higher and a different color.
  • Aces are the first cards in the Foundation.
  • Each Foundation cell is dedicated to one suit. The order is A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K.
  • You can choose if you want to deal one card or three cards simultaneously from the Stock.
  • The Patience Windows XP rules allow you to scroll infinite times through the Stockpile.
  • When all cards are on the Foundation, you win Patience Windows XP.

How to play Patience Windows XP

It’s not challenging to play Patience Windows XP if you keep the main Patience rules in mind. How to play Patience Windows XP was one of the most-asked Patience questions on Google for a long time. Now, this information is available in the following paragraphs. Place cards with one value lower and contrasting color under another card in the Tableau. This is how you turn around closed cards. You can use cards from the Stockpile as well. Your goal is to move all 52 cards to the Foundation. The Foundation cell always begins with an Ace followed by a two from the same suit. Did you manage to place all cards in the Foundation? Congrats, that’s how to play Patience Windows XP and win the game.

How to move the cards

  • Click on a card to move it to the best possible spot.
  • You can drag a card to your desired spot in the Tableau of Foundation.
  • Make sure you move cards that have one point less in another color when you want to place them under another card.
  • It’s possible to move multiple cards simultaneously in the Tableau as long as they are in a valid sequence (descending order, alternating colors).
  • Use cards from the Stockpile to place them in Tableau columns or move them directly to the Foundation.
  • Unused Stockpile Cards (Waste) are available after removing the card on top.
  • Only a King can fill empty Tableau cells.
  • The first card in a Foundation cell is always an Ace.
  • The order in the Foundation is ascending (+1), and cards must be in the same suit.
  • Your goal is to get all 52 cards on the Foundation.

Game features

Patience Windows XP was one of the first Patience games possible on a computer. The original design is still intact, and a great feature that is still available is that you can choose the image on the back of the cards. There is a clock that tracks your time, and you have the option to deal either one card or three cards at a time from the Stockpile. You can also score points with Patience Windows XP: for each card you move to the Foundation, you get 10 points.

Play free Patience Windows XP online

Did you think Patience Windows XP was not available anymore on the newer computers? Well, there is good news. You can play free Patience Windows XP online at the top of this page. There is no need to google for Patience Windows XP download or take your old PC out of the storage. Besides Patience Windows XP, you can find many other games on Like Patience Solitaire is a similar title that is definitely worth trying.