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River Solitaire is a fantastic game from Addicting games that you can play on this page. With a beautiful design and challenging gameplay, River Solitaire is a game that you will not quickly forget. We will explain the River Solitaire rules and how to play the game. You’ve come to the right place to learn everything about River Solitaire and even play free River Solitaire online.

Addicting Games River Solitaire rules

While River Solitaire might look different than other Solitaire games, the River Solitaire rules are the same as any other. Your goal is to fill the four Foundation cells by removing cards from the Tableau. Each Foundation cell starts with an Ace and has an ascending order. This means that after the Ace, a 2,3,4, etc. follow. You can place cards in the Tableau under cards with a different color and one point more. According to the River Solitaire rules, you win when all four Foundation cells are filled and the Tableau is empty.

River Solitaire rules summary

  • All 52 cards are spread out over different cells across your screen at the beginning of River Solitaire. 
  • You can only move single cards andre/ sequences under cards with one point higher in the Tableau.
  • Each level of River Solitaire has a time limit.
  • Finish the game before the time is over to win River Solitaire.
  • The Ace is always the first card in a Foundation cell.
  • The cards in the Tableau must be placed under cards that are one point higher and from another color.
  • The first card in the Foundation must be an Ace.
  • The cards in a Foundation cell must be from one suit and in descending order.
  • You can use the undo button to reverse your last action.
  • When all cards are in the Foundation within the time limit, you win River Solitaire.

How to play River Solitaire

When you start playing the game for the first time, you might wonder how to play Spider Solitaire. The confusion might come from how the cards are spread on the Tableau. Different piles of cards are distributed over your screen instead of seven columns in a row, which is more common with Solitaire games. However, the goal is the same as in other games. You need to move the cards from the Tableau and fill the four Foundation Cells. To better understand how to play River Solitaire, we made a small summary of how you can move cards and which actions are allowed in River Solitaire.

screenshot solitaire river addiction games

How to move the cards

  • Drag a card under a card with one point more in the Tableau to free up other cards.
  • You can move multiple cards if they are in descending order. The top card still needs to go under a card with a point higher and alternating color.
  • The first card in the Foundation is always an Ace. 
  • The cards in the Foundation must be in ascending order and from the same suit.
  • Cards move automatically to the Foundation once there is a possibility.
  • An empty spot in the Tableau is marked with a leaf; only a King can be placed here.
  • If you’re not happy with your last move, you can use the Undo button.
  • Once the Tableau is empty, and all cards are on the Foundation, you win River Solitaire.

Game features

When you start River Solitaire, the first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful design. The game also has some interesting features. Each level has a time limit. You lose the game if you don’t finish the game on time. You’ll also see that there are multiple scenes and levels. When you finish one level, you continue to the next one. River Solitaire has a soundtrack and fx sounds that you can enable or disable without going to the main menu. Some levels have a Hint button, and in each level, there is an Undo function.

Scoring points with River Solitaire

Besides a time limit, you also have the goal to score as many points as possible in River Solitaire. Scores are based on time and points achieved. You get 20 points for each card you move to the Foundation. You don’t get extra points for finishing the game or time left. When you complete a level, you continue to the next one, but you keep adding points to the score you set in the previous level. Your total score after the third level counts for the leaderboard.

Play free River Solitaire online

We assume you know how to score points with River Solitaire and also understand the game objective. That means that you’re ready to play free River Solitaire online and find out if you can set a high score on the leaderboard. We’re confident you will have a great time playing this game. Besides free River Solitaire online, we also recommend Daily Solitaire, which is just as much fun and also available to play for free.