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Are you looking for a fun and straightforward Tripeaks Solitaire game? Tripeaks Solitaire Harvest from Inlogic is a great title to explore. Tripeaks Solitaire Harvest has a story mode and an interesting theme. On this page, we’ll discuss the game features and rules of Tripeaks Solitaire Harvest. Also, a game of free Tripeaks Solitaire Harvest is available on this page. After reading about the rules and gameplay, you can play Tripeaks Solitaire Harvest for free at the top of this page.

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Inlogic Tripeaks Solitaire Harvest rules

The Inlogic Tripeaks Solitaire Harvest rules are just like any other Solitaire game. You win when you move all cards to the base pile on the bottom of your screen. The most significant part of the Tripeaks Solitaire Harvest rules is that you can only place a card with one point higher or lower on top of the current base card. Some levels have a time limit in which you need to complete the stage, others offer wild cards, but the base is the same: clear the deck and move all the cards to the bottom. Did you manage? Then you win that round of Tripeaks Solitaire Harvest.

Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest rules overview

  • You can only move cards one point higher or lower than the current card to the base.
  • You can put a King and a two on top of an Ace.
  • Use the undo button if you want to reverse your last actions
  • When no other moves are available, you can switch the base card or use a wild card.
  • Clear the level as fast as possible to receive a Time Star
  • Make multiple moves in a row to get Streak Star.
  • You receive one star when you complete a level.
  • Some levels have a countdown timer.
  • You can score more points by moving multiple cards after each other.
  • When you place all cards on the base, you win the level of Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest and proceed to the next stage.

How to play Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest

Before you kick off a game, you might wonder how to play Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to play Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest online. The main rules are the same: you need to clear the deck by moving all cards to the base. To do so, you click on a card that is one point higher or lower than the current base card. The card will then move then to the base. You can use the undo button to reverse your last action, and some levels offer wild cards that function as jokers. It makes how to play Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest fun and exciting.

Screenshot of tripeaks solitaire harvest

How to move the cards

By clicking on a card, it moves to the base pile. That card must be exactly one point higher or lower than the current base card. A click is enough; you don’t need to drag and drop a card. Colors and suits are not taken into account. You’ll get a reward for making multiple actions in a row so try to combine as many actions as possible. If you think you made a mistake, use the Undo button to reverse your last action. When no more moves are possible, switch the base card or use a wild card to continue Tripeaks Solitaire Harvest free online.

  • Click on a card to move it to the base.
  • You can only move a card precisely one point higher or lower than the current one.
  • You can put a King or a two on an Ace.
  • The undo button reverses your last move.
  • You can use a wild card to place any card on.
  • When all cards are on top of the base stack, you win Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest.

Game features

With multiple levels, wild cards, countdown timers, and the undo button, there are many game features in Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest online. For each card you move to the base pile, you get points. You receive extra rewards when you combine multiple actions or clear the level within a specific time limit. Remember that the undo button and wild card will cost gold, so use caution. The design of Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest is beautiful and matches the theme. The same goes for the soundtrack and sounds. The many game features and beautiful design make Solitaire Tripeaks one of the best titles in its category!

Play free Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest online

Are you excited to play free Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest online? Hit the play button and enjoy hours of fun with Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest! You don’t need to register or watch ads first. Want to explore another type of game? Tripeaks Solitaire from CodeThisLab is another fun game that works slightly differently than Solitaire Tripeaks but is just as entertaining!