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Do you want to play a thrilling game of Solitaire? Then Web Solitaire might be just the game for you. You can play Daily Solitaire for free on our www.Solitaire.ca. Before you begin playing, it is good to learn how to play Web Solitaire and understand all of the rules. Web Solitaire is obviously played online, and you can play it here. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about this fantastic Lof Games title so you can play Web Solitaire at the top of this page.

Lof Games Web Solitaire rules

The Web Solitaire rules are similar to those of other regular solitaire games and thus simple to grasp. The objective of Web Solitaire is to clear the Tableau by moving cards to the Foundation by following the Web Solitaire rules. An Ace is the first card you must move to the Foundation. Following that, you must create an ascending sequence (+1) of cards with the same suit. In the Tableau, you must move cards of a different color and one point higher under other cards. Moving the cards in the Tableau frees up other cards, giving you more chances to make longer sequences and win Web Solitaire.

Web Solitaire rules summary

  • Web Solitaire starts with 28 cards in the Tableau spread over seven columns.
  • The remaining 24 cards are in the Stockpile.
  • Only the bottom card is open-faced and available to move under other cards or on top of the Foundation.
  • The first card in the Foundation must always be an Ace.
  • All Foundation cards in a cell must be ascending and from the same suit. The cards in a Foundation cell need to be.
  • The cards in the Tableau must be descending (-1) and alternating in colors.
  • Only a King or series with a King on top can fill up an empty spot in the Tableau.
  • You must use all cards from the Stockpile to win Web Solitaire
  • With the Web Solitaire rules in mind, a click on the Stockpile gives you one card.
  • There is no Undo button in Web Solitaire free online.

How to play Web Solitaire

There is no need to search for how to play Web Solitaire since we will tell you exactly how to play the game. The main objective is to move the cards from the Tableau to the Foundation. You can do that by placing an Ace as the first card in the Foundation. In the Tableau, you can free up cards by moving cards under cards that have one point higher and are of another color. A closed card will become available after you move the open card under it, giving you new opportunities that might increase your chances of winning Web Solitaire.

web solitaire card game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • In the Tableau, you can move cards under a card with another color one point higher.
  • You can move one card at a time or a series of cards if they are in descending sequence and alternating colors in the Tableau.
  • You can only move one card at a time to the Foundation.
  • Use the Stockpile cards to get more options.
  • Stockpile cards can be moved directly to the Foundation.
  • You can scroll unlimited times through the Stockpile.
  • When all the Tableau and Stockpile cards are on the Foundation, you win Web Solitaire.

Game features

While the Web Solitaire game is great to play, there are few game features. The main game feature of Web Solitaire online is the scoring mechanism connected to the time spent on the game. You can reset a game, switch on or off the sounds and use the Undo button, but you’ll not find more game features in Web Solitaire. Since the scoring mechanism is the most crucial game feature, we will go over it in-depth so you know exactly how to score points and set a high score in Web Solitaire free online.

Scoring Points in Web Solitaire

You start a Web Solitaire game with 10.000 points, but 20 points will drop every ten seconds. Therefore it’s essential to finish a game of Web Solitaire as fast as possible. You don’t get points for moving a card to the Foundation. When you try to set a high score in Web Solitaire, you need to focus on the clock and finish a round quickly. There are multiple levels available, and you can score a high score in each of them.

Play free Web Solitaire online

Web Solitaire is a fun and easy-to-play title from Lof Games. You’ve read about the rules and know now exactly how to play Web Solitaire online. It’s time to give this fantastic solitaire game a try and play free Web Solitaire online at the top of this page. Besides Web Solitaire, many other free Solitaire games are available on our website. All of them are free to play, and one game we’d want to recommend is 21 Solitaire which is just as much fun as free Web Solitaire online.