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With Freecell Christmas, you’ll be instantly in the Christmas mood. It’s a fun Freecell game with a jolly soundtrack, lots of snow, and Christmas-themed cards. We’ll tell you how Freecell Christmas works, what makes the game unique, and dive into the gameplay. Are you ready to lift your Christmas spirit and play a fantastic round of Freecell Christmas online? Now is your chance! Christmas Freecell promises tons of fun and is very easy to play.¬†

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Gameboss Freecell Christmas rules

Like any other Freecell game, the Gameboss Freecell Christmas rules are straightforward. It makes the game simple to play for both young and old players. There are 52 cards in play, divided over eight rows. The Freecell Christmas rules are elementary: move the cards to the foundation on top as quickly as possible. When you place all the cards correctly in the foundation, you win. There is no scoring mechanism in place, only a clock where you can see how long your session takes and a counter that counts your moves.

Christmas Freecell rules overview

  • The game starts with all cards divided over eight rows.
  • You can use the four free cells on the top left to place cards temporarily.
  • There is no limit to the cards to move at once on the tableau.
  • Cards in the tableau can only be placed under each other when the colors alternate and the numbers descend.
  • The order in the foundation is always A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K
  • You win when all four foundation cells have 13 cards of the same suit.

How to play Christmas Freecell Gameboss

Before discussing how to play Christmas Freecell, we can tell you that the game can automatically place a card on the best possible spot. Clicking a card moves it either to a free cell or on a pile with another color and higher value. Your goal with this game is to move the 52 cards from the middle to the foundation. When you fill all four foundations, you win. Christmas Freecell stops if there are no further actions possible.

screenshot of freecell christmas solitaire game

How to move the cards

Freecell Christmas from Gameboss has flexible and easy-to-understand gameplay. You can move cards by clicking on them or using the drag and drop method. That is the easiest method how to play Freecell Christmas.

  • The cards in the tableau can move to free cells in the top right, to the foundation, or on other rows in the tableau.
  • You can only place cards in the tableau under a higher-value card with a different color.
  • Only Kings can fill empty cells in the tableau.
  • Each cell in the foundation is for one specific suit. The first card is the Ace, followed by a two, and the last card on the pile is a King. 
  • On each free cell, you can only place one card.
  • When you have a series of multiple descending cards, you can move them without any limit under a higher card of another color.

Game features

Christmas Freecell is entertaining but also very easy to play. Some features make this Gameboss stand out against similar online Freecell games. The holiday theme at Christmas Freecell is complete with the animated background of a village in the snow. Clicking on a card will place the card in the best possible spot. Another friendly tool is the undo button that can reverse your last action. The menu button lets start a new game, restart the same game and switch off the Christmas background music.

Play free Freecell Christmas online

The best way to play Freecell Christmas is, of course, without bugging commercials and on a trustworthy Solitaire website. On top of this page, you’ll find an opportunity to play free Freecell Christmas online. That means without pop-ups, without commercials, and without registering. Do you know that we also offer tons of other great Freecell games? Freecell Solitaire Time is an excellent alternative for when you’re not really in that Christmas mood.