Christmas Freecell Solitaire WillingGames

If you’re looking for a challenging Freecell Solitaire game with a jolly Christmas theme, then Christmas Freecell Solitaire from WillingGames is definitely worth trying. You can play this game all year round and don’t need a download since you can play Christmas Freecell Solitaire directly in your browser on our website. On this page, we will also tell you the specific Christmas Freecell Solitaire rules, explain how to play, and let you discover the Christmas Freecell Solitaire game features. Keep reading to learn everything about this wonderful game,

WillingGames Christmas Freecell Solitaire rules

The Christmas Freecell Solitaire rules are straightforward and similar to other Freecell games. There is no time limit, so you can finish your game of Freecell Solitaire without rushing. There is a clock, though, that tracks your time. After finishing a round of Christmas Freecell Solitaire, you will see your spot on the leaderboard based on your time. Just like any other Freecell Solitaire game, the Christmas Freecell Solitaire rules state that you win a game when all cards are on the four Foundation cells.

Christmas Freecell Solitaire rules overview

  • The Christmas Freecell Solitaire game starts with 52 open cards on eight columns.
  • Your goal is to move all cards to the four Foundation cells by following the Christmas Follow Solitaire rules.
  • In the Tableau, you can only place cards under a card that is one number higher and with another color.
  • You can not move more cards than the number of free cells in the Christmas Freecell Solitaire.
  • The first card on the Foundation has to be an Ace.
  • There is no undo button
  • You can use foundation cards back in the Tableau if needed
  • If you can’t make more moves, the game is over, and you lose.
  • You win this Freecell Solitaire game when each foundation cell has 13 cards.

How to play Christmas Freecell Solitaire

We’ll tell you how to play Christmas Freecell Solitaire in the following paragraph. The goal is simple; you need to find a way to get all cards from the Tableau to the four foundation cells. You can use the four free cells on the top-left of your screen to temporarily park cards. There is no timer, so you don’t need to finish a level within a specific time. However, your position on the leaderboard is based on the time you spent on a game. Don’t worry: you can learn how to play Christmas Freecell Solitaire in less than a minute.

freecell christmas solitaire game screenshot

How to move the cards

The order of the cards is the essential aspect of the Christmas Freecell Solitaire rules. You can move the cards in two ways with Christmas Freecell Solitaire. It’s possible to move cards by dragging them to the desired position or by double-clicking. When you double-click on a card, it will move to the best possible location. This can be in the Foundation or the Tableau. In the Tableau, all cards must be placed in descending order and with alternating colors, while in the Foundation, cards need to be same-suited and in ascending order.

  • You can put any card on the four free cells on top of your screen.
  • Only one card is allowed in these free cells
  • When you create a free cell on the Tableau, you can place a king on the empty spot.
  • Cards in the Tableau need to be in descending ranking and with different colors: (red six under a black seven)
  • An Ace is the first card in the Foundation.
  • All Foundation cards need to be same-suited and in ascending order (A-2-3-4-5, etc.)
  • You can move only as many cards in the Tableau as you have free cells available.

Game features

With such a name, you can expect a Christmas theme. On a snowy background, you’ll find Christmas-themed cards. The game is accompanied by a soundtrack that will bring you into a festive December mood. There is an instructions screen and a clock that tracks your time. There is no Undo button, and the only option you have is to enable the sounds or play on full screen. The game is published in HTML 5 format, which makes it perfect for playing on mobile devices.

Christmas Freecell Solitaire Scoring

When you start Christmas Freecell Solitaire, you notice the leaderboard even before seeing the start game button. While there is no possibility to score points, the clock tracks the time you need to finish a game. Even when you don’t finish the game, you can secure a spot on the leaderboard. Your position on the leaderboard is based on the time you need to get all cards on the Foundation. The number of cards moved in combination with your time determines your position.

Play free Christmas Freecell Solitaire online

You’ve read all the rules and game features, and most probably, you’re for a jolly game of Christmas Freecell Solitaire by now. Then we have good news: you can play free Christmas Freecell Solitaire online. Just scroll up to the top of the page and play the game directly in your browser. You don’t need a Christmas Freecell Solitaire download but can play with just a click. Another free online solitaire we’d like to recommend is Christmas Klondike Solitaire, which has the same theme but is entirely different from Christmas Freecell Solitaire.