Retro Solitaire G Games

Let’s travel back in time and play Retro Solitaire as we did 30 years ago. Retro Solitaire brings a nostalgic feeling but is at the same time also a great Solitaire game. We will discuss here how Retro Solitaire works, what type of Solitaire game it is, and how to win Retro Solitaire. Of course, we also give you the possibility to play free Retro Solitaire online. So keep reading if you want to find out everything about this fantastic retro game and discover why it is so popular.

G Games Retro Solitaire rules

With Retro Solitaire, you will play a game like Casino Solitaire. The Retro Solitaire rules are the same, and when you start a game Reto Solitaire, you’re asked how much your bet is. Also, the side bets are available with the Retro Solitaire Rules. For each card, you receive five times your stake. Your goal is to move as many cards as possible to the Foundation. In the Tableau, you make descending sequences in alternating colors, while in the Foundation, the cards start with an Ace, are from the same suit, and go up in points. With the Retro Solitaire rules, you get paid for each card you place in the Foundation.

Retro Solitaire rules summary

  • Retro Solitaire starts with 28 cards in the Tableau divided over seven columns. 
  • You can move a card in the Tableau when it is one point lower and with a different color than the card you want to place it under.
  • The first Foundation card is always an Ace.
  • The cards in a Foundation cell must be all from the same suit.
  • The hierarchy in the Tableau is descending (K-A) while the foundation order is ascending (A-K)
  • A King or sequence with a King on top can fill up an empty spot in the Tableau.
  • You can only browse once through the cards in the Retro Solitaire Stockpile. 
  • The Stockpile deals one card at a time.
  • Each card you move to the Foundation gives you five times your bet.

How to play Retro Solitaire G Games

If you’re wondering how to play Retro Solitaire G Games, you might be surprised to learn that it’s almost identical to playing a regular Casino Solitaire game. While there is no mention of the word casino in the title, the Retro Solitaire rules are similar to Casino Solitaire. You need to make descending sequences (-1) with different colors in the Tableau and ascending sequences (+1) with the same suited cards in the Foundation. You get paid for each card you place in the Foundation, so the more cards you move there, the higher your payout in Retro Solitaire.

screenshot retro solitaire G Games game play

How to move the cards

  • In the Tableau, you can move cards under another card that is one point higher and from another color.
  • You can move either one card or a sequence of descending cards with alternating colors in the Tableau.
  • You need to fill the Foundation card by card, starting with an Ace in each Foundation cell.
  • Use the Stockpile cards for more options.
  • You can move Stockpile cards directly to the Foundation.
  • The Stockpile cards are only one time available.
  • You get five times your initial bet per card when you move it to the Foundation.
  • Don’t forget to use the Hint button if you don’t see your next move directly.
  • You can click on the Undo button to reverse your last move.
  • Use the Autoplay button to let the game run by itself and see your result in a couple of seconds.

Game features

Of course, the biggest game feature is the “old-school 8-bit design of Retro Solitaire. But there are more exciting game features in Retro Solitaire. We already mentioned the Hint and Undo buttons, but side bets are also available. Before you start a game, you can bet on the following side bets:

  • Side Bet 1: NO MOVES (Bet*15): Win when there is no initial move possible from the deal of a Retro Solitaire game
  • Side Bet 2: RED OR BLACK (Bet*200): Win when you start a Solitaire game with only black cards or only red ones.

Betting possibilities Retro Solitaire

You start Retro Solitaire with a balance of £ 2.000. You need to select a wager before you begin a round of Retro Solitaire. There are nine different betting amounts possible:

  • £ 1,04 total bet with a return of £ 0,10 per card
  • £ 2,08 total bet with a return of £ 0,20 per card
  • £ 3,12 total bet with a return of £ 0,30 per card
  • £ 4,16 total bet with a return of £ 0,40 per card
  • £ 5,20 total bet with a return of £ 0,50 per card
  • £ 10,40 total bet with a return of £ 1,00 per card
  • £ 20,80 total bet with a return of £ 2,00 per card
  • £ 41,60 total bet with a return of £ 4,00 per card

The general Retro Solitaire rule is that you get five times your betting amount per card. So, if you play with £ 10,40, you bet roughly £ 0,19 per card. Your return per card is £ 1,00, as you can see in the list above. The Autoplay function is great when you don’t want to spend too much time on Retro Solitaire free online, After clicking the Autoplay button the game does the work for you and you get notified how much you win.

Play free Retro Solitaire online

Playing free Retro Solitaire online might give you that nostalgic feeling, but it’s also an entertaining Solitaire game. If 8-bit is a bit too old school for you, we also offer many other solitaire games besides free Retro Solitaire online. 1 suit Spider solitaire is different to Retro Solitaire but with a design that looks more modern but is just as much fun. Like any other game on our website, you don’t need a Retro Solitaire download but can play directly from your browser.