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While the term Solitaire is part of Solitaire zero21, it isn’t your average Solitaire game. You still play with cards, but the rules are different than you might expect. Solitaire 21 is a simple game that challenges you with different levels and daily challenges. Your goal is to clear the board by clearing cards, like any other game. You start with a score of 10 points and need to move cards one by one but keep your score higher than zero and below twenty-one. Each card has a + or – value. Solitaire zero21 is easy to play, and on this page, we will tell you exactly what you can expect from this game.

Inlogic Solitaire zero21 Rules

The Solitaire zero21 rules are a bit different compared to other Solitaire games. Inlogic kept it simple, and there are only a few Solitaire 21 rules applicable in each level. The objective is to clear the board as soon as possible. You need to collect all number cards from the board, but your total sum must stay between 0 and 21. You’re bust if you are on six points and decide to collect the -7 card. When your current score is 18 and you collect a +4 or higher card, the game is also over. You only need to pay attention to the + and – cards. The Solitaire 21 rules don’t mention anything about suits.

Solitaire 21 rules summary

  • Clear the board and keep your score at all times between 0 and 21.
  • The Solitaire 21 rules let you begin each game with 10 points.
  • A – card deducts your current score with the value that is shown. -2 deducts your score by two points.
  • + cards add points to your total score. A +4 card adds four points to the sum.
  • When you reach under 0 or over 21, you lose the game.
  • Use the min, mid, or max card to set the value of your sum to the corresponding value.
  • You receive 100 diamonds for finishing a level.
  • For 200 diamonds, you can continue a lost game from where you got busted.
  • The lowest card you can collect is -1, while +10 is the highest card.
  • You won Solitaire 21 when you collected all cards from the board and didn’t go below 0 or above 21.

How to play Solitaire zero21

Solitaire 21 plays very easily, and so is the game’s objective. You begin with ten points in a level and need to collect all cards from the board. The lowest cards in a column are shown, and you need to clear them one by one. Each card represents a negative (-) or positive (+) value. You need to make sure that your score stays at all times between 0 and 21. When you start on ten and collect a +5 card, your score becomes 15. If you then pick a -3 and -4 card, you cleared three cards in total, and your current score is 9. Make sure you don’t come too close to 0 and 21. That’s how to play Solitaire 21.

Solitaire zero21 card game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • Click on the card you want to collect.
  • The value of the card will be added or deducted from your current score.
  • You begin a game of Solitaire 21 with 10 points.
  • A +5 card adds 5 points to your score.
  • A -8 card reduces 9 points from your score.
  • On an Ace fit both a King and a two.
  • Drag a card to the “Move” field to temporarily park it and free up another card.
  • There is no Undo option in the Solitaire 21 game.
  • You win Solitaire 21 when you clear all cards without reaching 0 or 21.

Game features

Solitaire 21 has a simple setup, but Inlogic added some interesting game features. You can play multiple levels and proceed to the next level if you clear the previous one. You can collect diamonds for finishing a level, and These diamonds can be used to continue a game after you’re busted. A restart from that point will cost you 200 gems, while finishing a level leads to +100. Inlogic also added daily challenges.

Solitaire 21 plays with a basic design and doesn’t have a clock or Undo button. The Hold cell can temporarily help you park high-value cards, and the min-, mid-, and max cards set the value of your sum to the corresponding value. The only other feature is the bin. You can discard a card by placing it in the bin. This will cost you 100 diamonds, though.

Play free Solitaire zero21 online

When you’re looking for an unconventional, fun Solitaire game that keeps on challenging you level after level, Solitaire 21 might be the perfect fit for you. The game is exciting since you don’t know how big your chance is to win a level, and the cards quickly reveal themselves. At the top of this page, you can try out your skills and play free Solitaire zero21. Besides this game, we offer tons of other great Solitaire games that you can play for free online such as Spiderette Solitaire, which is entirely different from Solitaire 21 but just as much fun.