Patience is a different name for card solitaire or Solitaire. With Patience, the goal is to arrange the cards systematically. Patience is one of the first solitaire games and is the earliest recorded name for this type of card game. On our website, you can find plenty of patience and solitaire games. While the game has advanced over the last 100 years, you can still find some original games to play. Whether you are looking for an ultramodern patience game or an older Patience free online game, you will find it here.

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Each online patience game that you can find on our website is available for free. That’s why we are the number 1 website for online Patience. You don’t need to make an account, and we don’t place advertisements in the games. It will guarantee a fantastic Patience experience that you can enjoy 24/7. There are many benefits of online Patience free. You don’t need to download a game from an untrustworthy website but can play it in your browser. On top of that, all games are available.

Patience Rules

If you wonder what the Patience rules are, don’t worry: we will tell you exactly how this game works. There are three different fields: Tableau, Foundation, and Stockpile. It’s important to know that you win Patience when removing all cards from the Stockpile and Tableau. The game starts with 28 cards divided over seven rows. The first card is open-faced, and each next column has one extra closed card above the open one.

When you find an Ace, you need to place it on the foundation cell, and the next cards will be a sequence from 2-K from the same suit.

The cards in the Tableau need to be in descending order and in alternating colors. That means that a red seven only fits under a black eight. You can click on the Stockpile to have new cards available to make other Tableau combinations or place them directly on the Foundation.

Patience Layout

Patience Setup and Start of a New Game

The Patience setup is almost always the same. Twenty-eight cards are being divided into seven columns. The first column has one card, and each following card has one card more than the previous one. Only the bottom card in each row is open-faced. The four empty cells from the Foundation.

Besides the 28 cards, there is also a Stockpile. You need to use the Stockpile cards as well. When the game starts, you’ll be asked if you want to deal one or three cards at a time from the Stockpile. Choosing one card is a bit easier, so more experienced players choose three cards at a time. Unused Stockpile cards go to the Waste; when you use one of the cards, the previous card becomes available as well.

  • The seven columns with cards from the Tableau.
  • The Stockpile is the stack of closed cards that gives you one or three open cards per click.
  • Unused Stockpile cards are the Waste.
  • You can move only open-face cards.
  • Make sequences in the Tableau by placing cards under one card with one point higher and from another color.
  • The first card in a Foundation cell is an Ace followed by 2-K from the same suit.

Objective of the Game

The Patience objective is to move all cards to the Foundation. You need to make four sequences that start with an Ace and end with a King in the Foundation to win Patience. You can move cards in the Tableau by placing them under a card with one point higher in a different color. It is also possible to move multiple cards at once if they’re already in a sequence in descending ranking.

To win a Patience game online, you need to use all cards (Stock and Tableau) and place them in ascending order on the Foundation. Each suit has a dedicated Foundation cell. The Ace is the lowest card in Patience, while the King is the highest card.

Game Play

As long as you follow the Patience rules, the gameplay is not hard to understand. When the cards are dealt, you start searching for possible combinations in the Tableau. You can begin placing Aces directly in the Foundation cells and try to open up closed cards from the Tableau. You can use the cards from the Stockpile to make more or longer sequences.

  • Before the game starts, you choose if you want to deal one or three cards at a time from the Stockpile.
  • You can move cards in the Tableau under a one-point higher card.
  • You need to place an Ace first in the Foundation, followed by a 2,3, etc., from the same suit.
  • You can play Patience online, but it’s just as easy to deal the cards on your kitchen table.
  • When you move a card from the Stockpile, the previous unused Stock Card becomes available.
  • When you use all cards and divide them in ascending order on the four Foundation cells, you win Patience.


Patience Solitaire sometimes comes with scoring options; the game objective is to clear the Tableau and fill up the Foundation cells. Some online Patience rules state that you get points for each card you move to the Foundation and give bonus points if you finish in a specific time. However, the original Patience game had no scoring options.

Patience Tips How to Win More Often

With Patience, you depend on the cards you get. It happens that the game is impossible to finish. The average chance of winning a Patience game is around 80%. We’ll give you some tips to get your winning percentage as close to that percentage as possible. Each strategic mistake decreases your chance of winning Patience online. Here are some great Patience Tips that will make you win more often.

  1. Always place a King and only a King on an empty Tableau cell. This will give you more possibilities since you can move other cards under it and turn around closed cards.
  2. Don’t place suitable cards directly on the Foundation; you might need them in the Tableau first. You decrease your options by moving a card to the Foundation while other cards are still in play.
  3. Aces and twos are exceptions from the rule above; other cards don’t depend on them, so you can place both an Ace and a two directly on the Foundation.
  4. The more open cards you see, the more you know about the game. Turn the Stockpile card directly in the beginning, even if you think you don’t need it yet. Try to turn secured cards as quickly as possible.
  5. Start with the longest column in the Tableau. The longest row has more cards, and they will give you the most usable cards.

Patience Variants and Similar Games

Patience, Patience Solitaire, Klondike, and many other patience games are available online. We’re proud to announce that you will find the largest selection of patience games on our website. Besides playing games, you will also read about patience rules and discover guides on how to play Solitaire online.

Many Patience games have a lot of similarities. Some have a countdown timer or a clock, while others give you all the time you need so you can improve your Patience skills. Since Microsoft introduced Microsoft Windows Solitaire, more and more Patience have a scoring mechanism.

There are some unique Patience games to find on our website. One game that millions of people play worldwide is Patience Windows XP. A more modern Patience game that is less famous but just as exciting is Patience Beach Resort from Ziango. You don’t need to download Patience; you can play each Patience online game directly from your browser without registration.