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Freecell Solitaire from Code This Lab is an exciting and well-known Freecell Solitaire title. You can play Freecell Solitaire free on this solitaire website, but you’ll also read how you can play the game and learn about the most exciting features. Want to know the Freecell solitaire rules? You are in the right spot! The information on this page will give you a headstart when you want to play Freecell Solitaire. It’s a fantastic card game that is not hard to learn and fun to play!

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Code This Lab Freecell Solitaire rules

The Freecell Solitaire rules are easy to understand. You play this title with a deck of 52 cards. The cards are all shuffled and arranged in eight rows. The goal of this Freecell Solitaire game is to play all the cards from the middle (tableau) to the four cells on the right (foundation). The foundation has a compartment for each suit. The Freecell Solitaire rules state that you begin with 500 points. For each move you make, your points decrease. The lesser actions, the higher your score!

Freecell Solitaire rules Code This Lab overview

  • You start Freecell Solitaire with 500 points.
  • For each action, your points will drop.
  • Cards are all dealt “face-up.”
  • The goal of Freecell Solitaire is to move cards from the tableau to the foundation.
  • Use the four free cells on the left to temporarily park your cards.
  • The rules of Freecell Solitaire determine that you can only move +1 card more in the tableau than you have free cells on the left.
  • Cards in the tableau must be in descending order and with alternating colors.
  • The foundation has designated cells for each suit.
  • Cards in the foundation are ascending, starting from Ace, followed by a 2, and ending with a King as the13th card on top.

How to play Freecell Solitaire Code This Lab

There is no need to google: “How to play Freecell” You’ll read it all here and can test your Freecell Solitaire skills on top of the page. All 52 cards will be dealt in eight rows. The first four columns have seven cards, while there are six cards in the last four columns. If you wonder how to play Freecell Solitaire online compared to playing it on your kitchen table, the only difference is that the cards are dealt automatically online. That makes Freecell Solitaire online incredibly easy to play.

Freecell Solitaire Code This Lab game screenshot

How to move the cards

One of the most critical aspects of how to play Freecell Solitaire is moving the cards. We’ll give a clear overview of this topic and ensure the Freecell Solitaire rules have no secrets.

  • You can move cards with the drag & drop principle. Drag a card and place it under the card you wish
  • Cards in the tableau must be moved one by one and placed in descending order with alternating colors. E.g., a black 9 is only allowed under a red 10.
  • It’s also possible to move multiple cards at once. You can only transfer these rows if the cards are already alternating colors and are in descending order.
  • You can not move more cards than the number of free cells +1. If you have two free cells, you are allowed to carry three cards at once
  • The foundation has four cells. Each cell allows only one specific suit. The first card in the foundation is the Ace, followed by a 2 of the same sort.

Game features

Freecell Solitaire is a fun game with a basic setup. The game begins when you click on the start button. There is no “undo” button. You can start a new play by clicking on the circled arrow button. Other options and game features that you have with this Freecell Solitaire game are enabling/disabling background music and playing in full-screen mode.

Scoring with Freecell Solitaire

While the original Freecell Solitaire game does not have a scoring system, the Freecell Solitaire from Code This Lab does. Your goal is to place all cards in the foundation by emptying the tableau in as few steps as possible. The scoring of Freecell Solitaire online works as follows:

  • You start the game with 500 points
  • Each move will cost you one point
  • You don’t receive points for placing a card in the foundation
  • Try to clear the tableau without too many steps to get the highest score.

Play free Freecell Solitaire online

Would you like to play the Freecell Solitaire free online game without pop-ups and advertising? We got you covered! You can play Freecell Solitaire online for free. Besides, at, you can find many more amazing free Solitaire games. Did you manage to set your high score with Freecell Solitaire? Then a great game to try out is Freecell Blue. Also, Freecell Solitaire Time is an exciting Freecell Solitaire free online game that’s worth a try!