Twenty Solitaire DAB3 Games

Twenty Solitaire is a fun game that uses the name Solitaire but plays differently than most games in the Solitaire genre. In Twenty Solitaire, cards are like building blocks. You play with cards, but not with the regular playing cards. A card has a value of two, four, eight, sixteen, etc. When you place a two on another two, this becomes a block of four. Placing a four on top of this four creates an eight. You will learn on this page how to play Twenty Solitaire, how to move cards, and we even let you play Twenty Solitaire for free.

DAB3 Games Twenty Solitaire Rules

While Twenty Solitaire is a unique game that can’t be compared to other Solitaire games, the Twenty Solitaire rules are still straightforward to grasp. Before you start playing, there is an instructions screen with a tutorial. You see two cards in the Base that you need to move to the playing field with four columns. Each column has room for eight cards. It’s your goal to combine two cards with the same value to make them one (4+4 becomes 8). You need to make as many combinations as possible until you’re out of options and all four columns are filled.

Twenty Solitaire rules summary

  • Move card from the Base to the playing field.
  • A game of Twenty Solitaire continues as long as you have cards to place on the playing field.
  • The game stops once you’re out of options and the four columns are full.
  • The value of each combination you make is added to your score.
  • You can only move cards within the same column.
  • The Twenty Solitaire rules allow you to discard two cards during a game.
  • Jokers can be matched to any card.
  • You can follow the progress on the top of your screen; you reach a new level with higher cards based on your score.

How to play Twenty Solitaire

Since Twenty Solitaire has very straightforward rules, you should already know how to play Twenty Solitaire by now. The objective is to set the highest score possible. You play one game, and the more cards you combine, the higher your score will become. You place two identical cards on top of each other to incorporate them into one card with double the number of points. Combining two cards with four points results in one card with eight points. Each time you combine two cards, the total sum of those cards adds up to your score. Since you make one card from two cards, you empty the field one card at a time. The longer you continue, the higher your score will be.

twenty solitaire game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • You see two cards at the bottom of your screen.
  • The right card is the first one you need to place.
  • Click on the desired place to move the card there, and dragging is also possible.
  • When you place a 2 under another 2, they will form one card with a value of 4.
  • Place four under that card, and you will shape on a card with 8 points.
  • You can also place cards that don’t match directly. When you place a four under an eight, you can put two 2’s under the four. The two 2’s become four, the 4’s become eight and the two 8’s become 16.
  • The combined value of two cards will be added to your score.
  • You can use the discard field twice per game.
  • A joker can be matched with any card.
  • The game stops when you can’t match any card in the playing field, and all columns have seven cards.

Game features

Twenty Solitaire doesn’t have many game features, and honestly, it doesn’t need them. The game is challenging enough. Twenty Solitaire has a minimalistic look with colored cards and multiple levels. You can discard two cards during a game, and when you have enough points, you proceed to the next level. You can place a Joker on any other card, and the total value of two combined cards adds up to your score. When you place a 64 card under another 64, the sum of 128 will be added to your total score.

Play free Twenty Solitaire online

If you played a lot of Klondike, Patience, or Tripeaks, then Twenty Solitaire might bring some variation. The game is easy to play, but it’s not so easy to set a high score. You can scroll to the top of this page to play free Twenty Solitaire online. You don’t need a Twenty Solitaire download and can play directly in your browser. We have over a hundred different Solitaire games on our website, and all of them can be played for free. A fantastic game we can recommend is Web Solitaire. Try one of these great games now for free. You’ll not regret it.