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Spider Solitaire is one of the most played Solitaire games worldwide. This game from Code This Lab is top-rated, not without reason. On this page, you will discover how to play Spider Solitaire online, and we will give you the possibility to play the game for free. Feel free to play a game of Spider Solitaire directly or first read about the specific rules and game features of this fantastic title from Code This Lab.

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Code This Lab Spider Solitaire rules

Before we start explaining the Code This Lab Spider Solitaire rules, it’s essential to understand that there are three different levels. The difference in these levels is the number of suits you play with. The main objective and the Spider Solitaire rules are all the same: clear the Tableau by creating piles of 13 same-suited cards with a King on top and Ace as the lowest card. These piles will clear automatically from the deck, and when there are no cards left, you win the game. 

 Spider Solitaire rules overview

  • 54 cards are divided into ten piles on top of your screen. This is the Tableau.
  • The first four piles have five closed cards with one open card. 
  • The remaining piles have four closed cards with one open card.
  • You can move a card with one value lower under another card.
  • At the right bottom of your screen, you see five cards. These cards are the stockpile.
  • Clicking on a stockpile card results in a new open card at each column.
  • There is one empty cell per suit on the top right. Those cells are called the Foundation. All complete K-A series from the same suit will go to this cell.
  • You can use an undo button to reverse your last action.
  • You start with 500 points, and each action will cost you a point. 
  • For each row of cards on the Foundation, you receive 100 points.
  • When all cards are on the Foundation, you win the game of Spider Solitaire. 

How to play Spider Solitaire

Do you wonder how to play Spider Solitaire before you start a game? Then you’ve come to the correct part on this Spider Solitaire page. It’s good to know that there is no real difference between how to play Spider Solitaire and how to play Spider Solitaire online. The only discrepancy is that online the cards are dealt automatically. Your goal is to get all cards from the Tableau to the Foundation. Only a series of same-suited cards, starting with a King on top and an Ace as the lowest, can go on the Foundation.

ctl-spider-solitaire-2 screenshot

How to move the cards

  • You can move a card in Spider Solitaire Code This Labeby dragging it under a card that is exactly one point higher. 
  • A King is the highest card and an Ace the lowest. 
  • A Queen fits only under a King and a two only under a three. 
  • You can use cards from the stockpile to make more sequences. 
  • Remember that even if you can clear all cards from the Tableau, you still need to get rid of the stockpile cards. 
  • An essential rule of Spider Solitaire is that only sequences from K-A from the same suit can move to the Foundation at once.
  • Only a row of 13 cards from the same suit can be moved to the Foundation (K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2) 
  • You can fill up an empty cell with any set of cards or a single card.
  • It’s possible to mix suits in sequences, but keep in mind that only a series of same-suited cards go to the Foundation.

Game features

Spider Solitaire Code This Lab has three different levels. On the easy level, you play with one suit. The medium level is with two suits, and in “hard,” you play with four different suits. You start the game with 500 points, and each action will cost you one point. When you move a sequence of cards to the Foundation, you will receive 100 points. The gameplay and Spider Solitaire rules are straightforward, and the same goes for the design. Besides switching on or off the fx sounds, this Spider Solitaire free online game has no other game features. 

Play free Spider Solitaire online

Now you know exactly how to play Spider Solitaire, learned the rules, and is it time to bring that knowledge into practice. At the top of this page, we offer you to play free Spider Solitaire online. You can play the game for free without even a registration. Another fantastic Spider Solitaire title with a beautiful design is Spider Solitaire Beach Resort. There you go, now you have two great Solitaire games to play, and on our website, you can find many more. Enjoy!