Golf Solitaire Physical Form

Golf Solitaire is a unique Solitaire game that attracts both novices and experts. Golf Solitaire is easy to play, but you also need an excellent strategy to win this game. You’ve reached the right page to discover the Golf Solitaire rules and how to play Golf Solitaire. There is a possibility of playing this game for free at the top of the page, but if you didn’t play this game before, we recommend you first go over the game features that you can find on this page.

Physical Form Golf Solitaire rules

The Solitaire Tripeaks rules are straightforward, making the game very approachable. Golf Solitaire begins with 35 open-faced cards arranged in seven rows of five cards each. There are 21 closed cards in the Stock, and by clicking on it, one card in the field on the right will become open-faced (Waste). Your objective is to move all cards from the Stock and Tableau to the Waste. The Golf Solitaire rules state that you can only discard cards that are one point higher or lower than the current Waste card, and an Ace is both the highest and lowest card.

Golf Solitaire rules overview

  • The objective of Golf solitaire is to transfer all cards from the to the Waste.
  • You start Golf Solitaire by clicking on the Stock to move a card to the Waste.
  • Only Tableau cards that are one point lower or higher than the current card on the Waste can be moved.
  • Only the lowest card in a column can be transferred to the Waste
  • You can scroll only one time through the cards in the Stock.
  • An Ace is both the highest and lowest card. Both a King and two can be placed on an Ace.
  • You can use the undo button only to reverse your last action.
  • Suits and colors are irrelevant in Golf Solitaire

How to play Golf Solitaire

Golf Solitaire is an easy game to learn. If you’re wondering how to play Golf Solitaire online, you only need to remember one rule. You need to replace the current base card with a card that’s one point higher or lower. Suits and colors are of no importance, and there are jokers on which you can place any card. The first card comes from the Stockpile, but the next cards can also come from the Tableau. When you empty the Tableau, you win Golf Solitaire. That’s how to play golf, Solitaire in a nutshell.

golf solitaire game screenshot

How to move the cards

Once you know how to move the cards, you know how to win Golf Solitaire. You need to replace a card on the Waste with a card that is one point higher or one point lower. Suits and colors are of no importance, making it easy to play. You don’t need to drag a card; clicking it is enough to move the card to the Waste. Once you move all cards from the Tableau to the Waste, you win Golf Solitaire

  • Click on a card one point higher or lower than the current card to move it to the Waste.
  • You can place any card on a joker.
  • An Ace is both the highest and lowest card. You can replace it with a King and an Ace
  • You can use the undo button to reverse your last move.
  • The cards in the Stockpile are only available once.
  • You win Golf Solitaire when all cards from the Tableau are on the Waste.

Game features

Golf Solitaire is a lightweight and straightforward game without too many extras or game features. There is no clock, but you can find jokers in the deck of cards, and there is an undo button. Golf solitaire free online has fx sounds when you move cards and background music that you cannot switch off. After finishing a game of Golf Solitaire, you can proceed to the next round.

Scoring points with Golf Solitaire

You get five points for each card that you move to the Waste. Based on your score, you also get stars. It’s your goal to finish each round with three stars. You earn stars based on your score. The higher your score is, the more stars you will see when you finish Golf Solitaire free online.

Play free Golf Solitaire online

Now you know how to play this wonderful game, it’s time to play free Golf Solitaire online. The version we offer is not a Golf Solitaire download, but Golf Solitaire free online that you can play directly in your browser. Besides this game, you can also find other Golf Solitaire games on our website, such as Golf Solitaire CodethisLab and a Golf Solitaire game from Shockwave. All of these games are fun to play and completely free! You can scroll to the top of this page to give this title a try.