Spider Solitaire Golden

Spider Solitaire Golden is a fun Spider Solitaire game with a unique retro theme. Like many other games, you can choose between three levels of difficulty. When you play an “easy” game, you will only have cards from one suit. You play the “medium” level with two suits, and the most challenging game is “hard,” where you play with all four suits. On this page, we’ll discuss the rules of Spider Solitaire Golden and continue with the game features and let you play Spider Solitaire Golden free.

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Agame Spider Soltiaire Golden Rules

The Agame Spider Solitaire Golden Rules are similar to other solitaire games. The objective is straightforward: clear all cards from the Tableau by making sequences with 13 cards of the same suit. Those sequences start with a King and end with an Ace under a two as the last card. When you make such a row of 13 cards, it will disappear from your screen, and you’re one step closer to winning Spider Solitaire Golden.

Spider Solitaire Golden rules summary

  • You start Spider Solitaire Golden with 54 cards on ten columns. The lowest card in each column is open-faced.
  • The King is the card with the highest value, followed by a queen, jack, and ten. The Ace is the lowest card.
  • To remove a row of cards, it must start with K and end with A as the last card in the sequence.
  • Any card can be placed on an empty cell.
  • You can only move multiple cards if they are in ascending order and from the same suit. 
  • You must use all cards from the Stock and the Tableau.
  • Use the Undo button to reverse your last move.
  • To win a game of Spider Solitaire Golden when you made eight sequences from K-A.

How to play Spider Solitaire Golden

How to play Spider Solitaire Golden is easy once you know the game’s rules. In Spider Solitaire Golden free online, you have one objective: to make eight sequences of 13 same-suited cards. These sequences must start with a King and end with an Ace. You choose your difficulty level and play with one, two, or four suits. The more suits you play with, the more challenging the game of Spider Solitaire Golden. How to play Spider Solitaire golden is the same in each level, and with both a hint and undo button, you’ll have plenty of tools to win the game.

Screenshot spider solitaire golden game

How to move the cards

  • You can only drag a card under a one-point lower hard, but that can also be a different suit or color.
  • Clicking on a card moves it to the best possible location.
  • Click on the Stock to get a new open-face card in each column.
  • Only same-suited sequences can be moved at once.
  • Use the Undo button to reverse your last move. 
  • If you don’t know how to transfer a card, click the Hint button.
  • Only sequences that start with a King and end with an Ace as the 13th card will move to the Foundation.
  • You win Spider Solitaire Golden when you make eight complete sequences from K-A.

Game features

Spider Solitaire Golden is a fun and lightweight solitaire without many options and extras. A great game like this doesn’t need that. One of the significant features is that there are three levels (easy, medium, and hard). The Undo and Hint buttons help you win Spider Solitaire Golden and are a nice extra.

There is a clock that keeps track of your time spent on this game and the number of moves you made. There is no soundtrack, but the game allows you two switch off the FX sounds. It perfectly matches the retro style of Spider Solitaire Golden.

Play free Spider Solitaire Golden online

Now that you’ve read how the game works and the rules, it’s time to play free Spider Solitaire Golden online. You can scroll to the top of this page to play the game for free. A Spider Solitaire Golden download isn’t necessary; you can play directly in your browser. Another game we want to recommend is Classic Spider Solitaire.