Freecell Solitaire Classic: Play online Freecell Solitaire Classic

When you want to play a classic Freecell game with lots of game options, Freecell Solitaire Classic from Addicting Games is a title you can’t miss. Freecell Solitaire Classic is fun to play for each player and offers more than a million different levels. You will discover all the game features and the various rules of Classic Freecell Solitaire on this page and can play here for free as well!

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Addicting Games Freecell Solitaire Classic rules

With one million different levels, you might think there are different rules as well. That’s not true. The basic Freecell Solitaire Classic rules are applicable for each game. You’ll always play with 52 cards and have the opportunity to place cards on the free cells on top of your screen. You win when all the cards are on the foundation cells.

Some Freecell Solitaire Classic levels have a timer, others a scoring mechanism. Some games have both, while others don’t have extra features. The essential Addicting Games Freecell Solitaire Classic rules are always the same, making it a fun and uncomplicated game.

Freecell Solitaire Classic rules overview

  • The game starts with 52 open cards on eight columns.
  • You can only move as many cards as the number of free cells.
  • Place cards on other cards in the tableau only if they are one point lower and have another color.
  • With each game, the first card in the foundation is an Ace. 
  • You can place single cards and rows on free cells in the tableau.
  • If a level has limited undo’s, you will see the remaining amount on the top or side of your screen. Often there are three undo options available per game.
  • You win the game when all the cards are in the foundation cells (within the time limit, if there is one).

How to play Classic Freecell Solitaire

Are you wondering how to play Classic Freecell Solitaire? Don’t worry; this game has no secrets after reading this paragraph. Your goal with Classic Freecell Solitaire free online is to get all the cards on the four foundation cells in as few steps as possible. Some levels require to finish the game in ten minutes to win, and with other games, there is a scoring mechanism. In such cases, you receive points for each point on the foundation.

screenshot of freecell solitaire classic addicting games

How to move the cards

Moving the cards with this Classic Freecell Solitaire game is possible in two ways. You can choose to move the cards by double-clicking or by dragging a card. When you double-click a card, it will move to the best possible location. That can also be a free cell on top of your screen or the tableau. You can place cards only under others with a different color and one point higher.

  • You can place any card on a free cell. 
  • You’re only allowed to move one card more than you have available free cells. 
  • A card only fits under another one if it is from another color and is lower. A red six is allowed under a black seven, but not under a black eight or red seven.
  • The first card in a foundation cell is always an Ace. The thirteenth card is a King.
  • You need to drag cards to the foundation cells manually.

Game features

Freecell Solitaire Classic from Addicting Games is full of game features. The design of the classic Freecell game is a bit retro but has both background music and game sounds that sound modern. You can switch off those sounds in the menu and on the right side of your screen. Because there are a million different levels, each one uses other features. The Freecell game menu allows you to pick one of the many levels and has an extensive how-to-play section.


There are games without timers, but some levels have a ten or fifteen-minute timer. In such games, you must complete the round within the time to win. Then you finish the game and don’t worry about the time.

Freecell Solitaire Classic Scoring

There is a scoring mechanism in place in some, but not every level in Freecell Solitaire Classic. In the games with such scoring opportunities, you receive points for every card you move to the foundation. Sometimes scoring points is combined with a timer to complete the level.

Play free Classic Freecell Solitaire online

Now that you’ve read how this game works, it’s time to play free Classic Freecell Solitaire online. Good news! On top of this page, you will find a fantastic free version of this Classic Freecell Solitaire. Besides this title, we offer more Freecell and Solitaire games to play for free. Freecell Solitaire from Shockwave is an exciting game and unique in its sort.