Solitaire Master Inlogic Games

Solitaire Master inlogic games is not one but three games in one. You can find three different games in the main menu, Solitaire, Freecell, and Spider. Each game has a leaderboard which means that you can set a record and compare yourself with other players. Before you start playing this game, it’s essential to figure out how it works. We will explain to you on this page exactly how to play Solitaire Master online and even give you free access to play all three of the Solitaire Master games.

Inlogic Games Solitaire Master Rules

There are three different games, which means that the Inlogic Games Solitaire Master Rules are different for each game. Still, the main objective of each game is to clear the Tableau by ordering cards by suits and ranking onto the foundations. We will give you a short overview of the Solitaire Master rules for each game. Don’t worry; the rules are straightforward to follow, even if you didn’t play one of the three games before.

three games of solitaire in one with master solitaire

Solitaire Master Solitaire rules overview

  • Clear the Tableau by moving cards to the Foundation
  • You play with 52 cards; 28 cards are spread in the Tableau when you start the game.
  • In the Tableau, cards must be moved under a one-point higher card with a different color.
  • You can only move fully visible cards or a sequence of descending cards.
  • A King can fill up any empty Tableau cell.
  • You can undo your previous move by clicking on the Undo button.
  • The Foundation cells begin with an Ace, followed by a two, three, etc., from the same suit.
  • When all cards are on the Foundation, you win Solitaire Master.

Solitaire Master Freecell rules overview

  • You start Solitaire Master Freecell with 52 cards divided over eight columns.
  • The goal is to move all cards to the foundation cells
  • You can only place cards under a card that stands one number higher and alternates colors.
  • You can not move more cards than the amount of free cells + 1.
  • Only a King is allowed on a free cell in the Tableau
  • The first card on the foundation cell must always be an Ace.
  • You can use foundation cards back in the Tableau if needed
  • If you can’t make more moves, the game is over and you lose Solitaire Master Freecell
  • You win this Freecell Solitaire game when each foundation cell has 13 cards.

Solitaire Master Spiderette rules overview

  • You win Spiderette when you clear the Tableau by ordering all the cards in descending runs from King to Ace.
  • You play with 52 cards; 28 cards are spread in the Tableau and 28 in the Stockpile.
  • Clicking on the Stockpile results in a new card in each column.
  • You play Solitaire Master Spiderette with one suit.
  • Move cards under cards that are one point higher. 
  • When you make a descending sequence from King to Ace, all cards clear from the Tableau
  • Any card can fill up an empty cell in the Tableau
  • When all cards are removed from the Tableau, you win Solitaire Master Spiderette.

How to play Solitaire Master

Since the Solitaire Master rules are similar, with minor edits for each game, it’s not too difficult to figure out how to play Solitaire Master. Besides the instructions in the main menu of Solitaire Master, each game also has a separate how to play Solitaire Solitaire section. The main objective of each game is to clear the cards from the Tableau. In the Tableau, you need to make descending sequences from King to Ace. When you have a complete sequence, the cards move from the Tableau to the Foundation or disappear from the board.

How to move the cards

  • Drag cards in the Tableau under a card with one point more and from another color when you play with multiple suits.
  • A double-click on the card will move it to the best possible location.
  • In Freecell, you can move cards to the four free cells on the top of your screen to (temporarily) park them.
  • When you regret your last move(s) you can go steps back with the undo button.

Game features

There are three different games combined in one title with Solitaire Master, and therefore, there are not too many options or game features. Each game has a separate leaderboard. The faster you finish a game, the higher you will be on the leaderboard. You can track your time spent on a game with the built-in clock in Solitaire Master. There is no scoring mechanism in Solitaire Master, and there is no choice in difficulty in any of the games. You can enable/disable the sounds, and each game has a separate instructions screen. 

Play free Solitaire Master online

Now that you’ve read how to play Solitaire Master, it’s time to try the game. Play free Solitaire Master online at the top of this page, but don’t forget that we also have many other exciting Solitaire games on our website, such as River Solitaire, which is beautifully designed and compelling. For both games, you don’t need to register or download. We don’t offer a Solitaire Master download but let you play free Solitaire master online, straight in your browser.