Golf Solitaire Shockwave

Golf Solitaire is another fantastic game from Shockwave. The company has an excellent reputation in Solitaire games, and Golf Solitaire is no exception. You will learn how Golf Solitaire works on this page, but we also allow you to play Golf Solitaire free online at the top of this page. Golf Solitaire Shockwave has enough to offer to entertain and challenge you for a couple of hours, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or a more experienced player. Golf Solitaire has multiple levels at any difficulty, making it great to play for every player.

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Shockwave Golf Solitaire rules

Before you start playing this wonderful game, it’s important to understand the Shockwave Golf Solitaire rules. Fortunately, the Golf Solitaire rules are similar to other solitaire games and, therefore, not difficult to understand. The main objective is to clear the Tableau by placing all cards on the Foundation by following the Golf Solitaire rules. You win when all cards from the Tableau are moved to the Waste. A card with either one point more or one point lower can be placed on the current Waste card to remove it from the Tableau.

Golf Solitaire rules overview

  • Golf Solitaire starts with 35 cards spread over seven columns.
  • The goal of Golf Solitaire is to move all Tableau cards to the Waste.
  • Only a card with one point higher or lower can replace the current Waste card.
  • You can click on the Stockpile to change the current Waste card.
  • The cards in the Stockpile can only be used once.
  • You can only move fully visible cards to the Waste. Only the bottom cards in a column can transfer to the Waste.
  • You can reverse your previous move by clicking on the Undo button
  • Suits and colors are of no importance in Golf Solitaire
  • When all the cards from the Tableau are on the Waste, you win Golf Solitaire.

How to play Golf Solitaire Shockwave

Golf Solitaire is not challenging to learn, but it’s helpful to learn how to play Golf Solitaire before you begin a game. The Golf Solitaire rule that is most essential is that you can only replace a Waste card with a card one point higher or lower. The suit and color of a card are irrelevant. You can move a red card on top of another red card, and even diamonds on diamonds will work. You need to click a card to move it to the Waste, and when all cards from the Tableau are on the Waste, you win Golf Solitaire.

Shockwave golf solitaire daily game screenshot

How to move the cards

First, click on the Stockpile to move the first card to the Waste. Now that the first Waste card is shown, you can start moving cards from the Tableau to it. You can only click on fully visible cards, meaning that you can only move the bottom card in a column. You can change the Waste card when you don’t find cards to move to the Waste. Be cautious, though, since you can only scroll once through the Stockpile, and when there are no more moves left, you can’t win Golf Solitaire.

  • Click on the Stockpile to move the first card to the Waste.
  • You can replace a Waste card with a one-point higher or lower card.
  • Both a King and two can replace an Ace.
  • You can place both a Queen and an Ace on top of a King.
  • The Undo button can be used infinite times.
  • You can only browse once through the Stockpile
  • When you move all cards from the Tableau to the Waste, you win Golf Solitaire.

Game features

Golf Solitaire has a basic design, but you spot some of the game features at first glance. Golf Solitaire offers three different levels: easy, medium, and hard. The game has a clock, and there is an Undo button as well. Other game features of Golf Solitaire are background music and FX sounds, different settings are not available, but there is an instructions screen where you can see how to play Golf Solitaire. While you don’t see your score during a game of Golf Solitaire, there is a way to score points.

How to score points with Golf Solitaire

With three different levels, there are three grades of difficulty. With each level, there are other maximum scores you can get.

  • Easy: 2.000 points
  • Medium: 3.000 points
  • Hard: 4.000 points

There are two possibilities to score points. You get points for clearing the Tableau and bonus points for finishing the game faster. The quicker you are, the more bonus points you’ll receive.

Play free Golf Solitaire shockwave online

You’ve read how to play Golf Solitaire and know the rules. There is only one thing left to do: play free Golf Solitaire online. You can play this fantastic game in your browser without registering or even need to search for a Golf Solitaire download. Besides this game from Shockwave, there are many other Solitaire games to be found on our website. Scorpion Solitaire is a game that we want to recommend to any lover of Solitaire games.