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Are you looking for a fun game of Freecell without too much hassle? Then Freecell Blue from Gameboss is the perfect title for you. Blue is just a reference to the background color and not an extra function. This Freecell game is easy to play because of the straightforward rules. Because Freecell Blue is so approachable, the game is a favorite for many people around the globe. On this page, you will read all the insider information about this title and can play Freecell Blue free online as much as you want.

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Gameboss Freecell Blue rules

Freecell games don’t get much easier than Freecell Blue. You find all the 52 cards dealt face-up, and the four free cells are on the left top of your screen. On the right upper part of your screen are the four foundation cells. The goal is simple: clear the tableau by filling the four foundation cells. The Freecell Blue rules are not different from any other Freecell game of Solitaire, making it easy to understand and quick to play.

Freecell Blue rules overview

  • You play with 52 cards divided over eight columns
  • The game starts with 52 cards divided over eight columns. 
  • You can only place a card on top of another one in the tableau if that card is one point lower and from another color.
  • The Ace must be the first cell in each foundation cell.
  • You can only move as many cards on the tableau as free cells.
  • You can place any card or a descending series of cards on a free cell
  • With the undo button, you can undo your last move.
  • You win if you empty the tableau by following the Gameboss Freecell Blue rules.

How to play Freecell Blue

This game is so popular because the question: how to play Freecell Blue is almost irrelevant. The goal of Freecell Blue is simple: move all 52 cards from the tableau to the four foundation cells. You carry the cards by either clicking on them or using “drag & drop.” There is no time limit, just a counter that tracks the number of actions. Did you make a mistake? With Freecell Blue, you can use the undo button as much as you need.

screenshot of freecell solitaire blue game

How to move the cards

You have two options to move the cards. First, you can use the drag and drop function. Click on a card and drag it to the desired column. The other option is to double-click on a card. The card will then automatically move to the best possible location. That will make your method of how to play Freecell Blue online even more effortless.

  • You can place each card on a free cell.
  • The number of cards to move within the tableau equals the number of free cells.
  • The limit of cards on one of the four free cells on the top of your screen is one.
  • You can only place a card with one point lower and a different color under another card.
  • The first card in a foundation cell is an Ace and must follow by a 2. The last card is a King. 
  • In Freecell Blue, the system automatically moves foundation cards to the foundation cells.

Game features

If you’re wondering what Blue means in Freecell Blue, then have a look at the background of the game. You play Freecell Blue just like any other Freecell game. There is no timer and also no scoring mechanism. A significant benefit of this title is that you can use the undo button as much as you please. The other online Freecell Blue feature are the sound, the counter of your moves, and a clock.

Play free Freecell Blue online

Can’t you wait to start playing Freecell Blue directly? Then scroll back to the top of this page and play Freecell Blue free online. You don’t need to register or watch advertisements to play for free. Just start a new game and discover this fantastic title. Gameboss is famous for its excellent Freecell games, so don’t forget to check out another game, such as Freecell Classic; you’ll not regret it.