Solitaire Kings PlayJolt

Solitaire is one of the most popular card games globally, and Solitaire Kings is very popular on Solitaire Kings is suitable for inexperienced and experienced players and guarantees a lot of fun. You will discover how the game works on this page and what you can expect. We’ll discuss the rules and gameplay and let you play free Solitaire Kings online. There are two levels of difficulty, a lot of customization options and game features in this game, so keep on reading to discover everything you need about Solitaire Kings.

PlayJolt Solitaire Kings rules

The PlayJolt Solitaire Kings rules are not different from those of other solitaire games and thus easy to understand. The most important rule from the Solitaire Kings rules is that you must move cards in the Tableau beneath cards with contrasting colors that are one point higher. Your objective is to place all of the cards in the four Foundation cells. The Foundation’s rank is ascending, beginning with an Ace. Each Foundation cell’s final card is a King from the same suit. Solitaire Kings is won when all of the cards are on the Foundation.

Solitaire Kings rules summary

  • Solitaire Kings begins with 28 cards in seven columns in the Tableau.
  • You can move a card under another card in the Tableau that is one point higher and from a different color.
  • Four Foundation cells begin with an Ace on the right of your screen.
  • The order in the Foundation is ascending with cards all from the same suit.
  • Draw either one (easy) or three (hard) cards from the Stockpile to make more combinations.
  • According to the Solitaire Kings rules, you need to use all cards to win Solitaire Kings.
  • For each card you turn in the Tableau, you get five points.
  • When you move a card to the Foundation, it gives you ten points
  • You can browse unlimited times through the Stockpile.
  • You can use the Undo button to reverse your last move.
  • When you place all cards on the Foundation, you win Solitaire Kings.

How to play Solitaire Kings

You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering how to play Solitaire Kings. We’ll go over the rules and explain how the game works to get you ready to play this fantastic game. If you want to play right away, scroll back to the top of this page to learn how to play Solitaire Kings while playing. The game’s goal is to get all of the cards from the Tableau and Stockpile to the Foundation. In the Tableau, you can free up cards by creating descending sequences with alternating colors (red seven under black eight). By moving cards in the Tableau, you will open up closed cards that will give you the chance to make more sequences and move cards to the Foundation.

solitaire kings game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • In the Tableau. you can place cards under cards that are one point higher and have another color
  • You can fill the Foundation only one by one, but in the Tableau, you can move multiple cards at once.
  • All the Foundation cards in a cell must be from the same suit.
  • Use the Stockpile cards to make longer sequences in the Tableau and free up closed cards.
  • Only a King can fill empty Tableau cells.
  • You can scroll unlimited times through the Stockpile
  • Cards can be moved from Stockpile to Foundation directly.
  • Reverse your last actions by clicking on the undo button.
  • When all the Stockpile and Tableau cards are on the Foundation, you win Solitaire King.

Game features

There are some exciting features in this game. Solitaire Kings offers you to change the game’s design in the main menu; you can restart a game and use the undo button. There is also a button with a lightbulb; this one will give you a hint on a possible next move. Solitaire Kings comes with two difficulty levels. With an easy game, you deal one card from the Stockpile at a time, and on a hard level, you get three cards at once. That’s not all; the options allow you to switch to the right handle and enable/disable the sounds and music of the game. Solitaire Kings tracks your moves with a counter, and there is also a clock that tracks your time.

Scoring points on Solitaire Kings

There is a straightforward scoring mechanism in Solitaire Kings online. You receive points for opening a closed card in the Tableau. This will earn you five points. For moving a card to the Foundation, you receive ten points. There is no difference between moving a card from the Stockpile or the Tableau to the Foundation. The time and moves you make don’t influence your scoring.

Play free Solitaire Kings online

Now that you know how to play Solitaire Kings, it’s time to give it a go! At the top of this page, you can play free Solitaire Kings online. This will save you some time and comes with instant fun since you don’t need to search for a Solitaire Kings download. Besides this great game from PlayJolt, we have many other games available such as Solitaire Social or Tripeakz. Like another you can find on our website, these games are available to play free online.