Amazing Spider Solitaire Amazing Hedgehog

Amazing Spider Solitaire is one of the most complete and challenging Spider Solitaire games. While the game is easy to play, it has many different features that you will discover on this page. We’ll go over the Amazing Spider Solitaire rules, tell you how to play, and even let you play Amazing Spider Solitaire free online. Amazing Spider Solitaire is a game for every type of player with different levels of difficulty. Play directly in your browser at the top of this page, or read how to play first.

Amazing Hedgehog Amazing Spider Solitaire rules

The Amazing Spider Solitaire rules are similar to other solitaire rules. You can choose if you want to play with one suit, two suits, or four different suits. The more cards you choose, the more complex the game becomes. The main goal is to clear the Tableau by making sequences from the same suit. They must start with a King on top and an Ace as the lowest card. You need to use the Stockpile cards to win Spider Solitaire. When there is not a single card left on your screen.

Amazing Spider Solitaire rules overview

  • The game starts with 54 cards spread across ten columns. The cards in the bottom row are open-faced, while the cards above are all closed.
  • You need to make sequences in descending order. The highest card is a king, while the lowest card is an Ace.
  • When you play with multiple suits, the tableau cards need to be in alternating colors.
  • You can place a single card from another suit under a card, but when you want to move multiple cards, they all need to be from the same suit.
  • A sequence that starts with a King and ends with an Ace as the thirteenth card will disappear automatically from the Tableau,
  • You begin with 500 points, and each action lowers your score by one point.
  • When you make a sequence from K-A, those cards disappear from the board, and you get 100 points.
  • With the Undo button, you can revert your last move, while you can use the Redo button to revert an undo.
  • The Amazing Spider Solitaire rules state that you must use all cards from both Tableau and Stockpile to win.
  • Your score is based on the number of actions and the time spent on the game.

How to play Amazing Spider Solitaire

If you know the Amazing Spider Solitaire rules, it’s easy to figure out how to play Amazing Spider Solitaire. You can’t make a wrong move with this game. The system only allows moves that are possible and valid. The objective of the game is to clear all cards from the Tableau. You can make descending sequences that start with a King and end with an Ace as the last card. Keep in mind that all cards need to be from the same suit. However, to free up cards in the Tableau, it is also possible to move cards under cards that don’t have the same suit, but these rows of cards will not disappear from the Tableau.

amazing spider solitaire game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • In Amazing Spider Solitaire, you move cards by clicking on them or dragging them under a one-point higher card.
  • Clicking on a card moves it to the best possible location.
  • In the Tableau, you can only move cards under a one-point higher card. That can be a card of the same suit or from another color.
  • You can only move multiple cards simultaneously if they all share the same suit.
  • The King is the highest card in Amazing Spider Solitaire. Only a Queen fits under a King.
  • The Ace is the lowest card in the deck and is the last one in a row of 13 cards.
  • Only same-suited sequences will move from the board.
  • A click on a Stockpile card gives a new open-faced card in each column.
  • To undo your last action, press the Undo button.
  • You can correct a wrong Undo by clicking on the Redo button.
  • The hint button shows possible moves.

Game features

Amazing Spider Solitaire includes a ton of game features. There are three different levels of difficulty, and you can choose if you want to deal with one, two, or three cards with a click on the Stockpile. This game comes with a leaderboard, and it is your goal to set a high score. You can use a Hint,-, Redo-, and Undo button to get the highest score. Amazing Spider Solitaire online comes with many options to change the game’s design. You can change the background and have the chance to change the design of the cards.

Play free Amazing Spider Solitaire online

Amazing Spider Solitaire is an excellent game from Amazing Hedgehog. With different difficulty levels, this game is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. You can play free Amazing Spider Solitaire online at the top of this page. Feel free to give the amazing Spider Solitaire game a try or explore another great title on our website. Aris Solitaire is a beautiful game that is unique and definitely worth trying.