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When you are looking for a Spider Solitaire game that challenges you every day, Spider Solitaire from FRVR is your favorite game. You can play a game of Spider Solitaire on three levels, but you can also follow a map with different challenges every day. Spider Solitaire is a fantastic game, and on this page, you will find out why. We’ll discuss the rules and gameplay, go over the design, and let you play free Solitaire online. Do you want to read more about this game or directly try Spider Solitaire online? It’s up to you.

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FRVR Spider Solitaire rules

Even though there is another challenge each day and you can choose between three different levels, the FRVR Spider Solitaire Rules are always the same. You win Spider Solitaire when you make eight series of same-suited cards of thirteen cards. Such a row begins with a King and ends with an Ace as the lowest card. When you make a complete sequence from K to A from the same suit, it will move to one of the foundation cells. When all cards disappeared from the deck, you followed the FRVR Spider Solitaire rules and win the game.

Spider Solitaire rules summary

  • On the Tableau, there are 54 cards spread across ten columns, with the lowest row of cards open-faced and the rest closed.
  • A card can only be placed beneath another card if it is precisely one point higher. Only an eight can fit under a seven.
  • To have it moved to a foundation cell, you need to create a row of 13 cards, starting with a King and finishing with an Ace from the same suit.
  • You can build rows of descending cards from different suits, but they will not go to the Foundation, and you can’t move those “mixed” rows either.
  • To win Spider Solitaire, you must move all 104 cards from the Tableau and Stockpile to the Foundation.
  • A new open-faced card appears in each column when you click a card from the Stockpile.
  • You can undo your last action by pressing the Undo button.

How to play Spider Solitaire

Are you interested in learning how to play Spider Solitaire? Then you only need to read the following paragraphs, and you’re good to go. The rules are the same as any other Spider Solitaire online game. You need to use all cards and move them to the foundation cells. You win Spider Solitaire online when there are no more cards in the Tableau and Stockpile, and all foundations cells are covered.

Screenshot spider solitaire frvr game

How to move the cards

  • In Spider Solitaire, you can move cards by clicking on them or dragging them under a one-point higher card.
  • When you click on a card, it will move under a suitable card.
  • In the Tableau, cards can only be shifted under a one-point higher card. That can be a card of the same sort or another suit.
  • You can only move multiple cards simultaneously if they are all of the same suit.
  • In Spider Solitaire, the King is the top card. Each sequence starts with a King, and only a Queen can be placed beneath it.
  • The Ace is the lowest card in the deck and completes a row of 13 decreasing cards,
  • A sequence of cards from King to Ace with the same suit will vanish from the Tableau and appears on a foundation cell.
  • A click on a Stockpile card gives a new open-faced card in each column.
  • To undo your last action, press the Undo button.

Game features

Spider Solitaire free online doesn’t only let you play a challenging Spider Solitaire game but also brings new challenges every day. This Solitaire game has three different degrees of difficulty. You have three options: easy (1 suit), medium (2 types of cards), or complex (4 suits). You can switch off the sounds and soundtrack in the options menu and return to the map with available games. While Spider Solitaire has a typical green background, it feels more modern than other games.

This Spider Solitaire game has no scoring mechanism, clock, or countdown timer. Your only objective is to clear the board and don’t need to think about time or the number of moves. The game is mobile-friendly and perfect for playing on any browser. Therefore a Spider Solitaire download is not needed. You can play the game for free online at this page.

Play free Spider Solitaire online

Are you ready to play free Spider Solitaire online? Then scroll to the top of this page and play directly. If you’re not sure if Spider Solitaire from FRVR is an excellent fit for you, we advise you to look at Spider Solitaire Windows, the game that made Spider Solitaire famous around the globe. That game is also available free online, even if you don’t have windows but another operating system!