Patience Solitaire Julio Fuente

Are you ready to challenge your brain with a fun and easy-to-play Solitaire game? Then you must try Patience Solitaire. The game has straightforward rules that allow you to have fun without worrying too much about what is allowed and what is not. We will discuss the game features of this Patience Solitaire game from Julio Fuente and explain to you how to play Patience Solitaire. If you want to play this fantastic game, there is no need to search for a Patience Solitaire download since you play the game at the top of this page.

Julio Fuente Patience Solitaire rules

The Patience rules are simple, making the game very accessible. Patience Solitaire starts with 35 open-faced cards in seven rows of five. There are 17 closed cards in the Stock on the left, and by clicking on the Stock, one card will become open-faced in the field on the right (Waste). It’s your goal to move all 52 cards from both the Stock and the Tableau to the Waste. The Patience Solitaire rules allow you only to place cards to the Waste that are one point higher or lower than the current Waste card.

Patience Solitaire rules overview

  • The goal of Patience solitaire is to move all cards from the Tableau and Stock to the Waste.
  • You start Patience Solitaire by clicking on the Stock to transfer a card to the Waste.
  • You can only move a card to the Waste if that card is one point lower or higher than the current card.
  • Only fully visible cards can move to the Waste.
  • You can browse one time through the cards in the Stockpile.
  • You must use the Stockpile cards to win Patience Solitaire.
  • Unless you click on the Ace <-> King button, it’s impossible to place an Ace on a King, but only on a two.
  • Clicking on the Waste button reverses your last move. You can click this button unlimited times.
  • Suits and colors have no importance in Patience Solitaire. 

How to play Patience Solitaire 

Patience Solitaire is a simple game to grasp. If you’re wondering how to play Patience Solitaire online, there’s only one rule to remember. Place cards with one higher or lower value on top of the current base card. You can click or drag the desired card to the Waste, but the first card comes from the Stockpile. You can undo your last move by clicking on the Waste cards. Remember that you can only scroll one time through the Stockpile cards. When all cards are on the Waste, you win Patience Solitaire.

screenshot patience solitaire game play

How to move the cards

By clicking on a card, you can move it to the Waste. The card you want to transfer must be one value higher or lower than the card on the Waste. You don’t need to pay attention to suits or colors: diamonds can be moved on hearts, and even cards of the same suit can be on top of each other. Not satisfied with your previous move? To undo your last action, click on the Waste. 

  • Click on a card one point higher or lower than the current Waste card to move it to the Waste.
  • You can also drag cards to the Waste.
  • An Ace only fits on a two unless you activate the Ace <-> King function. Then both a King and two can be replaced by an Ace.
  • You can reverse your last move by clicking on the Waste pile.
  • The Stockpile is only one time available. 

Game features

Patience Solitaire is a lightweight game without many game features. Besides the retro design and clear cards, the game has four buttons. You can choose a new game, restart the current game, learn how to play Patience Solitaire, and there is the Ace<->King button. There is no scoring mechanism or clock. There are multiple games available, but they all have the same setup. There is no map or different layouts. While there are many Patience Solitaire games with more options, Patience Solitaire does exactly what it needs to do: offering you an exciting Patience Solitaire free online game.

Play free Patience Solitaire online

After reading how to play Patience Solitaire, there is only one thing left to do: play free Patience Solitaire online. You can play it for free at the top of this page, but we also have many other (Patience) Solitaire games on our website. Did you ever play Patience Beach Solitaire, or did you even hear about it? Ziango made an excellent Patience game that you can play online without even registering or downloading!