Tripeakz IceStone

Tripeakz from IceStone is an excellent Solitaire game from IceStone that you can play against other people. While there is only one player in most Solitaire games, Tripeakz offers you to play each level against another opponent. Tripeakz is, as you might expect, a Tripeaks Solitaire game. On this page, you will discover how to play this game and how to play against someone else. Besides reading and learning, we also allow you to play Tripeakz free online at the top of this page.

IceStone Tripeakz Rules

The Tripeakz rules are similar to other Solitaire games, even though the design and gameplay are different. The objective is straightforward: you need to clear the board by moving all cards to the Waste. Click on a card that is one point higher or lower than the current Base card. The card will go to the Waste, and you need to place a new card (higher or lower) on top of it. Once the board is empty, and all cards are on the pile at the bottom of your screen, you win. Get a better score than your opponent and proceed to the next level with a different setup but the same Tripeakz rules.

Tripeakz rules summary

  • You can only replace the Base card with a card one point higher or lower. 
  • The Tripeakz rules allow you to use as many Undo’s as possible.
  • Change the base card when you can’t replace the current card with a card from the field.
  • An Ace can be replaced by both a King and Two.
  • You get bonus points for unused Base cards.
  • Any card can match a yellow joker (J) in the deck
  • Use the R card to remove any card from the playing field.
  • The Hint button will show you possible moves.
  • You play against an opponent, but you can proceed to the next level even if you lose.

How to play Tripeakz

If you want to find out how to play Tripeakz, you’ve come to the right place. We will not only tell you how to play Tripeakz but also explain how to move the cards. While the design looks different than other Tripeaks Solitaire games, the objective is still to move all cards to the Base. You win when you empty the playing field, and all cards are on the Base. Moving cards is done by clicking on a card one point higher or lower than the current Base card. After a game, your points will be counted and bonus points added (from unused Base cards). It’s always nice to beat your opponent, but you don’t need to win to proceed to the next level.

tripeakz solitaire card game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • Click on a card that is one point higher or lower than the current card to move it on top of the base card.
  • On an Ace fit both a King and a two.s
  • You can use a yellow J as a Joker; any card can be placed on a Joker.
  • The R is a card that will delete a selected card from the board. Click on R and then on the card you want to clear to remove it. 
  • The R card is available for a limited time.
  • Reverse your last action by using the Undo button.
  • You can use the undo button as much as you need
  • You win when all cards are on top of the base pile.

Game features

The most significant game feature in Tripeakz is that you play the same game as an opponent. You see the current score of your opponent and need to try to beat the player. A nice touch is the high score leaderboard, where you can see the highest score of other players. The game has a cartoon theme and added additional features to keep it challenging and exciting. There is a lot to earn with jokers, special cards, and bonus points. The game is also available in multiple languages, you can change both the sounds and music volume, and there is an option to play in full-screen mode. When you start the Tripeakz online game, you’ll also see how many people are online.

connecting to server for tripeakz multiplayer screenshot

Scoring points with Tripeakz

Each card you move to the Base gets you points. For the first card you move to the Base you get 50 points, the second consecutive card is worth 100 points, the third 150, etc. You start over with 50 points for the first card when you can’t make a successive move. It’s that easy to score points with Tripeakz online. Keep in mind that with an Undo, you’ll also lose the points that were part of that previous move. You’ll receive bonus points for each unused Base card after finishing a level.

Play free Tripeakz online

If you’re bored from playing a game against yourself all the time, you must try out Tripeakz. This game lets you play against other players. You don’t need to make a registration, and you also don’t need a Tripeakz download. Just scroll to the top of this page and play free Tripeakz online. Besides this Tripeakz online game, we have many other games available that you can play for free. Zero 21 is a unique Solitaire game that will surprise you. Give one of these games a try; it’s free and without any strings attached.