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Freecell Classic is another brilliant title from Gameboss. This game has a beautiful design with a wooden background and old-fashioned playing cards. You can play Freecell Classic free online on this page, but we’ll also explain the unique features and the Freecell Classic rules. Want to find out if Freecell Classic is a good fit for you? You’ll find out on this page. Play directly online without a Freecell Classic download, or read how the Solitaire game works first. 

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Gameboss Freecell Classic rules

Can you beat the clock? One of the most significant Freecell Classis Rules is that you need to complete the game within 10 minutes. The other Freecell Classic Gameboss rules are just like any other game. Your goal of this Freecell Classic game is to clear the tableau by moving the cards to the foundation. You play with 52 cards and temporarily use free cells to park cards. When you manage to get all cards in the foundation within ten minutes, you win the round of Freecell Classic.

 Freecell Classic rules overview

  • All 52 playing cards are divided over eight columns and dealt face-up.
  • You can only put a card under another one if that first card is one value lower and another color.
  • The first card you can place in the foundation is always an Ace.
  • The free cells on top only hold a place for one card.
  • You’re free to use the undo button at any time.
  • The number of cards you can move at once depends on the number of free cells.
  • Do you manage to put all cards in the foundation by following the Freecell Classic Gameboss rules within ten minutes? Then you win!

How to play Freecell Classic

If you wonder how to play Freecell Classic, this paragraph is just for you! You play Freecell Classic just like any other Freecell game. You win when all 52 cards are on the foundation staples within the time limit. Gameboss added a 10-minute timer to this Freecell Classic game, so besides making sure all cards are on the correct foundation, you also need to make sure you will finish within ten minutes. It’s that simple; now you know how to play Freecell Classic online.

screenshot of freecell classic solitaire game

How to move the cards

Double-clicking on a card will automatically move it to the best possible position. Another option to move the cards is by dragging them to the staple you want to place them. Click on a card and hold it until you reach the card you wish to put it under, then release your finger to drop the card. You can only place any card on free cells in the tableau. Other Freecell Classic rules you will find in a handy overview below.

  • You can only move one card more than you have free cells available.
  • Only one card fits on the free cells on the top of your screen.
  • Players can put only one card at a time on the free cells in the tableau.
  • You may only place a card with one point lower and a different color under another card in the tableau.
  • The first card in each foundation cell is always an Ace; the last card is a King from the same suit.
  • Freecell Classic automatically places cards to the foundation when there is an opportunity.

Game features

The 10-minute timer is another significant feature in the Freecell Classic online free game from Gameboss. You have already read about the wooden background and the classic design of the cards. There is no background music, but you hear sounds when moving the cards. You can switch off that function in the Freecell Classic settings. Another interesting feature of this Freecell game is a counter with remaining cards and a counter with the number of actions you made. Gameboss often creates lightweight games, and that also counts for this game.

Play free Freecell Classic online

Now that you’ve read how to play Freecell Classic, it’s time to play Freecell Classic online. At the top of this page, you can directly start the game. There is no need to download; you start the game and have fun! Can’t beat the clock or want to play another great Freecell game? Freecell Big is an excellent title from the same company!