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Did you ever wonder if there is a Casino Patience game that you can play for free? Casino Patience is a game that already existed for a couple of years but was difficult to play for free online. On our website, we will not only tell you everything about Casino Patience and the rules of this game, but we will also allow you to Casino Patience free online. You don’t need to create a casino account: just play this highly entertaining game without registration or real money simply in your browser!

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Oryx Gaming Casino Patience Rules

The Casino Patience rules are almost the same as a regular Patience game. The game begins with 28 cards arranged in seven rows. The first card is faced up, and each subsequent column has one extra closed card above the open one. The remaining cards are in the Stockpile. It’s your goal to move all 52 cards to the Foundation by following the Casino Patience rules.

You need to make sequences that start with an Ace and end with a King from the same suit as the last card. In the Tableau you can place cards under a card with a different color and one point higher. You make these sequences to turn around the closed cards. You’ll receive a percentage of your bet for each card you move to the Foundation. For each card you place in the Foundation, you receive 5x your wager.

Casino Patience rules summary

  • Casino Patience starts with 28 cards divided over seven columns.
  • You can only move open-faced cards
  • To place cards in the Tableau under other cards, they must be a point lower and from a different color.
  • An Ace must be the first card in the Foundation.
  • You will be paid 5 units per card you place in the Foundation. The unit price is the amount shown under your total bet at the beginning of a Casino Patience game.
  • Each Foundation cell is dedicated to one suit. The order is A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K.
  • The Stockpile gives one card at a time.
  • The Casino Patience rules state that you can only browse once through the Stockpile.

How to play Casino Patience

There are a lot of similarities in how to play Solitaire Patience and how you play Patience games in general. The rules are the same, but the difference is in the details. The most significant difference is that you play for (play) money. Before you start a game of Casino Solitaire, you select your bet. You can choose between different amounts. The bigger amount you choose, the higher the payment for each card you place in the Foundation will be.

Arranging cards and moving them to the Foundation is an essential part of how to play Casino Patience. Because most of the cards on the seven piles are face down, it is crucial to turn them around. You may place a card under a higher card of a different suit: e.g., a red seven under a black eight. This then frees up the reversed cards, which give you more possibilities.

casino patience game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • Drag cards under other cards with one point higher and a different color in the Tableau.
  • You can move multiple cards at once, as long as they form a descending sequence.
  • Browse through the Stockpile to get more possibilities
  • The correct order in the Foundation is A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K from the same suit
  • You can place cards from the Stockpile directly in the Foundation.

Game features

Casino Patience is a great game that combines the excitement of a casino game and the strategy of solitaire games. You start a Patience game free online with a (play) money balance of € 5.000, and it’s up to you how much you want to bet per game. There is no clock, so you don’t have time pressure. Casino Patience has an Undo button to reverse your last move. An essential feature is the Stockpile which only gives one card at a time. Contrary to other Patience games, you can only browse once through the Stockpile.

Betting possibilities Casino Patience

Before starting a Patience Casino game, you’re asked how much you want to bet. You have a start balance of € 5.000, and you can choose between nine different betting options. The pay-out for finishing a Casino Patience is five times your bet per card. When you select a total wager of € 1,08, this means €0,02 per card. Your return per card you place on the Foundation is € 0,10. The nine different options and their returns per card are:

  • € 1,08 total bet with a return of € 0,10 per card
  • € 2,70 total bet with a return of € 0,25 per card
  • € 5,40 total bet with a return of € 0,50 per card
  • € 10,80 total bet with a return of € 1,00 per card
  • € 27,00 total bet with a return of € 2,50 per card
  • € 54,00 total bet with a return of € 5,00 per card
  • € 108,00 total bet with a return of € 10,00 per card
  • € 270,00 total bet with a return of € 25,00 per card
  • € 540,00 total bet with a return of € 50,00 per card

Play free Casino Patience online

When you feel like adding some extra excitement to your Patience game, Casino Patience is a great game to start with. You can play with demo money at the top of this page. That’s the ultimate way to play free Casino Patience online without the risk of losing real money. This Oryx Gaming Casino Patience version is fantastic. Besides this Oryx Gaming Casino Patience, we recommend trying out Casino Solitaire. Another excellent game where you play with play money, without registration, and without a Casino Patience download.