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If you want to get your average Solitaire game more exciting, Casino Solitaire might be the one solitaire game you’ll ever need. With Casino Solitaire, you don’t play with real money, so there is no financial risk. Before you start playing this highly entertaining game, it might be good to discover how to play Casino Solitaire. Then you’ve come to the right place! We don’t only explain to you the Casino Solitaire rules; we’ll also let you play Casino Solitaire free online without registration or watching ads first!

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G Games Casino Solitaire rules

The Casino Solitaire rules are, besides a few exceptions, the same as a “normal” Solitaire or Klondike Solitaire game. The game begins with 28 cards arranged in seven rows, but you’re asked how much your total bet is before starting a game. After choosing your bet, the cards will be dealt, and you can start playing the game following the Casino Solitaire bet. Your total bet is divided over 52 cards, and for each card you place on the Foundation, you get five times your wager. The more cards go on the Foundation, the more (play) money you win with Casino Solitaire.

Casino Solitaire rules summary

  • You start Casino Solitaire with 28 cards in the Tableau divided over seven columns.
  • Each card you move to the Foundation results in 5x your wager.
  • To move cards under other cards in the Tableau, they must be a point lower and from a different color.
  • The Ace is always the first card in the Foundation.
  • Foundation cards in one cell must be all from the same suit.
  • The order in the Tableau is descending (K-A) while the foundation order is ascending (A-K)
  • Only a King can fill up empty places in the Tableau
  • The Stockpile gives you one card at a time.
  • The Casino Patience rules mention that you can only scroll through the Stockpile cards once.

How to play Casino Solitaire

If you wonder how to play Casino Solitaire, it might surprise you that it works almost the same as playing the regular Klondike or Solitaire game. An essential part of playing Casino Solitaire is formed by the Casino Solitaire rules. In the Tableau, you can only place cards under a card that is one point higher and another color. The first card in the Foundation cell is the Ace, followed by a two, three, etc., from the same suit. You can click on a card to move it to the best possible spot or drag and drop it under your desired location.

casino solitaire game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • In the Tableau, you can drag cards under a card with another color and one point higher.
  • Double-clicking on a card will move it to the best possible location
  • You can move multiple cards in the Tableau at once, as long as they are in descending order with alternating colors.
  • You can use the Stockpile cards to get more possibilities.
  • It’s possible to move Stockpile cards to the Foundation directly.
  • When you’re not happy with your last move, you can reverse it with the Undo button.
  • The Stockpile cards are only one time available.
  • You can click on Autoplay to let the game run by itself, and you instantly see your result.

Game features

Casino Solitaire has a couple of functions that make this game more interesting than Casino Patience or another Solitaire Game. You can use a Hint button, and there is an Undo button as well. With the Autoplay function, the game runs by itself, and you don’t need to click on cards. The cards move automatically, and when no further moves are possible, you see how much you win.

There are settings to switch off sounds and background music, but there are also two side bets. Besides picking your total bet for a game, these are the two side bets.

  • NO MOVES (Bet*15): Win when there is no initial move possible from at the start of a Casino Solitaire game
  • RED OR BLACK (Bet*200): Win when you start a Casino Solitaire free online game with only black cards or just red ones.

Betting possibilities Casino Solitaire

You’ve read about the Side Bets, but you can also choose the amount of play money you want to bet before a round of Casino Solitaire in many Canadian online casinos. Initially, you have a balance of $ 2.000, and there are nine different betting options. The betting option is divided into two numbers. The top number is your total bet. The number on the bottom is your win for every card you place on the Foundation. The Casino Solitaire rules state that you receive five times your bet per card. The different betting options are listed below.

  • € 1,08 total bet with a return of € 0,10 per card
  • € 2,08 total bet with a return of € 0,20 per card
  • € 3,12 total bet with a return of € 0,30 per card
  • € 4,16 total bet with a return of € 0,40 per card
  • € 5,20 total bet with a return of € 0,50 per card
  • € 10,40 total bet with a return of € 1,00 per card
  • € 20,80 total bet with a return of € 2,00 per card
  • € 41,60 total bet with a return of € 4,00 per card

Play free Casino Solitaire online

Are you in a betting mood but don’t feel like spending real money? Casino Solitaire is a great game to give a try. You can play free Casino Solitaire online and start with a balance of $ 2.000. Besides Casino Solitaire, you can find many other great Solitaire games on our website. Have you ever heard about Retro Solitaire? This title will amaze you, just like Casino Solitaire, and the best thing is that you can play both games for free on our website without registering, watching ads, or paying anything.

LIVE Casino Solitaire

The rules and bets for Casino Solitaire are the same when playing Live Casino Solitaire. Most players like playing live casino games because they provide a perfect line between virtual gambling and physical casinos. But if you don’t want to be bothered by a live dealer, you can always look for online casinos in BC and other provinces for the most popular Casino Solitaire games.