Cat Solitaire CMC Online

Cat Solitaire is a minimalistic and challenging game from CMC Online that is available to play for free on this page. You might expect a cat-themed solitaire game with such a name, but there aren’t many cats to find besides one cat in the background. Cat Solitaire is played with two decks of cards. We will tell you precisely how Cat Solitaire works, what the rules are, and let you play free Cat Solitaire online. Read further to find out everything there is to know about this game or play a game directly; the choice is yours.

CMC Online Cat Solitaire rules

Cat Solitaire plays for 99% like any other solitaire game. The Cat Solitaire rules are easy to understand and kept simple to attract any type of player. That doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to win a game of Cat Solitaire. You start with two decks of cards, and your goal is to move all cards to the Foundation. Once you free up an Ace, this card will become a foundation card. The following card on the Ace should be a two from the same suit. The Foundation cards must be in ascending order, so the last card is an Ace. In the Tableau, the direction is reversed: You need to place cards under cards from another color and in descending order. When all 104 cards find their way into the Foundation, you win Cat Solitaire.

Cat Solitaire rules summary

  • You start a game of Cat Solitaire with 28 cards spread over eight columns in the Tableau.
  • Aces will be automatically placed in the Foundation on the top of your screen when they become available.
  • You can only move single cards as sequences under cards with one point higher in the Tableau.
  • The Foundation cells begin with an Ace.
  • In the Foundation, cards need to be same-suited and in ascending order.
  • You can move any single card or descending sequence to an empty cell in the Tableau.
  • The “Deal Cards” button deals one card in each of the eight Tableau columns per click until all cards are in play.
  • When you place eight Kings as the last cards in the Foundation, you win Cat Solitaire.
  • There is no Undo button; the only option you have with the Cat Solitaire rules is to reset the game.
  • The faster you clear the Tableau, the higher your place on the leaderboard.

How to play Cat Solitaire

When you first start playing this game, you might be wondering how to play Cat Solitaire. There is no need to worry: we’ll go over all details to prepare you for this game. You’ll learn how to play Cat Solitaire in less than a minute. The goal is the same as in other Solitaire games. You need to move the Tableau cards and fill the eight Foundation cells in ascending order. You can free up cards in the Tableau by making descending sequences and using cards from the stock to make longer series. Cat Solitaire uses two decks of cards, so there are not four but eight Foundation cells. Once all cards are on the Foundation, you win Cat Solitaire.

cat solitaire game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • You can drag a Tableau card under another card in the Tableau with a +1 ranking and from another color.
  • Double-clicking on a card moves it to the best possible location in the Tableau or Foundation.
  • You can move multiple cards in the Tableau if they are in descending order. The top card still needs to go under a card with a point higher and alternating color.
  • The Foundation cards are in descending order and must be from the same suit.
  • An Ace must be the first card in the Foundation.
  • The cards in the Foundation must be in ascending order and from the same suit.
  • Aces move directly to the Foundation once they become available in the Tableau.
  • Click on “deal cards” to receive a new card in each Tableau column.
  • There is no Undo button so have a good look before placing a card.
  • Your place on the leaderboard is based on the time spent and the number of cards you moved.

Game features

CMC keeps Cat Solitaire minimalistic. There are some features such as a leaderboard and a connected clock. The faster you move all cards to the Foundation, the higher your ranking on the leaderboard. Other functions in Cat Solitaire are basic. You can enable/disable the sounds, and there is an instructions screen where you can see how to play Cat solitaire online. Many games show the Stockpile under or above the Tableau, but you can get new cards with Cat Solitaire by clicking on the “deal cards” button.

Play free Cat Solitaire online

Cat Solitaire is a game that excites any kind of player. Even when you’re not into this friendly pet, you will have tons of fun playing this game. You can play free Cat Solitaire online at the top of this page. You don’t need a Cat Solitaire download but can play directly in your browser. If you’re not convinced how great this game is, you can discover many other Solitaire games on our website. A title that we’d like to recommend is Christmas Freecell Solaire. You can play that game all your round and will be amazed at how challenging this Freecell game is.