Tripeaks Daily Shockwave: Play online for free

Tripeaks Daily Shockwave is a fun but straightforward Solitaire game that you can’t miss! It works like any other Tripeaks Solitaire online game but has a daily leaderboard. With three different levels, you choose if you want to play on easy, medium, or hard. On this Tripeaks Daily page, we will go over the rules and discuss game features. You can also play her Tripeaks Daily free online. Play directly and try to set a new record, or first read more about this spectacular game here.

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Shockwave Tripeaks Daily rules

There is not much special about the Tripeaks Daily rules. It’s incredibly easy to play, just like any other Tripeaks Solitaire game. You start with selecting one of the available cards that you want to place on the base pile. Then you click on another card that is one point higher or lower than that card. If you can’t make any other moves, you can use other base cards. When all the cards are on the base pile, you win that round of Tripeaks Daily.

Tripeaks Daily rules overview

  • The Shockwave Tripeaks Daily rules only let you place a card that’s one point higher or lower on another card.
  • You can use the base cards when no other actions with another card are possible.
  • You can use the undo button to reverse a move.
  • On an Ace, you can place a two or a King.
  • You get more points for finishing the game faster and using fewer base cards.
  • There is no countdown timer.
  • Suits and colors are not taken into account in the Tripeaks Daily rules. Hearts on hearts or clubs on spades are allowed.

How to play Tripeaks Daily

It’s not difficult to find out how to play Tripeaks Daily, and we will tell you how in this paragraph. Tripeaks Daily works the same as many other Tripeaks solitaire games. Your goal is to move all cards to the pile on the bottom of your screen. You can only place a card with one point higher or lower on another card. You can use the undo button to reverse your last action and change base cards by clicking on the pile. Finish the game as quickly as possible to set a high score for the day and continue with a more challenging level.

screenshot tripeaks solitaire daily shockwave gameplay

How to move the cards

How to move the cards is an essential part of how to play Tripeaks Daily. You only need to click on a card that is one point higher or lower than the base card. It will move automatically by clicking on the card, but only if it is one point lower or higher than the card on the base pile. You can reverse your last action by clicking on the undo button. While other Tripeaks games have limited undo’s, with Tripeaks Daily, you can use the undo button as much as you please. You can even go back to the beginning of the solitaire game.

  • Click on a card to move it to the base.
  • On the base pile, you can only place cards one point higher or lower.
  • You can place both a King and two on an Ace.
  • The undo button reverses your last move.
  • There are unlimited undo’s in Tripeaks Daily free online.
  • You win when all cards are on the base pile.

Game features

Tripeaks daily is a fun game, and Shockwave kept the game simple. Besides music, fx sounds, and different levels, you can’t and need to change anything. That makes Tripeaks Daily perfect for a quick round of Tripeaks Solitaire. On the bottom of your screen, you see the last time. The faster you finish a game, the more bonus points you receive. After each round, you’ll see your score. Come back daily to play the game and set your highest score. Each highest score in the week is visible on the scoreboard.

Play free Tripeaks Daily online

Want to play free Tripeaks Daily online free? Now is your chance. At the top of this page, you’ll find Tripeaks Daily. You don’t need to make a registration or watch minutes of ads before you can play. After reading the Tripeaks Daily Rules Shockwave, there is only one thing left to do: try this game for free. Another amazing title in the same category is Tripeaks Solitaire Kings Queens, and also that game is available on!