PEG Solitaire

PEG Solitaire is not your average Solitaire game. For example, you don’t play with cards but with pegs, which is not the only difference. All the other differences are written down on this page, but that’s not all. You can play PEG Solitaire free at the top of this page. You will also discover the PEG Solitaire rules and learn how to play this wonderful game. Whether you’d like to play the game directly or read first how it works, you’ve come to the right place when you want to know more about PEG Solitaire.

Vianim Peg Solitaire rules

The Peg Solitaire rules are not to compare with rules from Freecell, Spider, or Klondike Solitaire. That doesn’t mean that the Peg Solitaire rules are complex. They are straightforward, and you don’t need much time to understand them. You play with Pegs which are red dots. You need to remove Pegs from the board to win Peg Solitaire. To clear one peg, you need to “jump” with one peg over another one and land it on an empty spot.

Peg Solitaire rules overview

  • In PEG Solitaire, you don’t play with cards but with pegs.
  • There is one empty spot on each level, and all other places are filled with pegs.
  • To remove a peg, jump over it and land in an empty place.
  • Pegs need to be next to each other to let one jump over another one.
  • When there are no more moves possible, the game stops automatically.
  • Your score is based on the number of pegs left.
  • When you jump over the last peg, and only one is left, you win Peg Solitaire.

How to play PEG Solitaire

While the game looks different, how to play PEG Solitaire isn’t difficult at all. Don’t expect cards, but little red balls called pegs. Instead of clearing all cards from the board, you need to clear pegs. The way to do that is by letting one peg jump over another one. Pegs can only jump if there is an empty place to land. The possible empty cells you can land light up in blue when you click on a peg. You win PEG once you have only one peg left in the game. There are many different levels but how to play PEG Solitaire always stays the same.

peg solitaire game screenshot

How to move the pegs

Pegs need to be connected when you want to make a jump, and there must always be an empty cell directly next to it. To move the peg, you need to click on one peg and then on the cell where you want to place it. The peg that you jump over will then be removed from the field. How to play PEG Solitaire is similar to playing checkers and doesn’t look like any kind of card solitaire.

  • Click on a peg to select it
  • If there is a possible jump to make, an empty cell will light up blue
  • A peg needs to be directly connected to the peg it wants to jump over.
  • Once there is only one peg left, you win PEG Solitaire online.

Game features

PEG Solitaire has multiple levels where the principle of the game is the same, but the layout is different. The game has a basic design and soundtrack. That soundtrack can be disabled directly in the game. There is an instructions screen but no undo or redo button. The scoring mechanism is simple as your score is reflected in the number of Pegs left in a game. The only other game feature is the different levels. There are various shapes, and each of them only has one empty cell. The following shapes /game modes are available in PEG Solitaire online:

  • Standard (cross)
  • Square
  • European
  • Asymmetric
  • Rhombus
  • German
  • Triangle
  • Diamond
  • Snowflake
  • Hexagonal
  • Star
  • Pyramid
  • Trapezoid

Play free PEG Solitaire online

PEG Solitaire is a unique game that is incomparable to other Solitaire games. Therefore there aren’t many websites that offer this game. But don’t worry: at the top of this page, you can play free PEG Solitaire online. If you rather play a game with cards, we can recommend Refuge Solitaire, which is also available to play free online. Give it a go, or try to master the PEG Solitaire game first before you start playing another game.