Royal Vegas Solitaire Zigiz

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could combine two of the best card games ever into one fantastic game? Royal Vegas Solitaire from Zigiz makes your dream come true. You can now search for your best poker hand in a solitaire game. You can find out how to play Royal Vegas Solitaire in the following paragraphs. We will go over the rules and gameplay and let you play free Royal Vegas Solitaire online. The better your hands, the higher your score. If you love a game of poker, this is the best Solitaire game out there.

Zigiz Royal Vegas Solitaire rules

The Zigiz Royal Vegas Solitaire rules are straightforward. If you have played poker before, you will recognize the different hands you can make. You can play a demo that explains the Royal Vegas Rules in detail in the first level. Before you start playing, it’s recommended to read the following paragraphs to know exactly how the Royal Vegas Solitaire rules work. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible. You can do that by creating multiple poker hands on the board. When all the open spots are filled with cards, the game of Royal Vegas Solitaire is over, and you proceed to the next level.

Royal Vegas Solitaire rules overview

  • You play Royal Vegas Solitaire on a board of 25 fields.
  • You need to create poker hands in a vertical, horizontal, diagonal row.
  • There are 12 rows where you can score points
  • Each row has a place for five cards.
  • Each level has a few cards placed in random cells when you begin.
  • After placing a card from the Stock on a cell, a new card becomes available.
  • You need to fill the board within the time limit of the level.
  • The highest hand is a Royal Flush with 500 points.
  • A Pair is the lowest hand for 10 points.
  • Each time you improve your hand, you see the score next to the row increase.
  • The game is over when you can’t make new moves or delete cards.

How to play Royal Vegas Solitaire

After playing the first level, a tutorial, you know exactly how to play Royal Vegas Solitaire. That doesn’t mean we will not tell you how to play this game on this page. After reading how to play Royal Vegas Solitaire on this page, you’re ready to play and go for a high score. The goal is to create the best 12 five-card poker hands. There are five horizontal rows and five vertical rows together with two diagonal lines. To make the highest possible score, you need to place your cards strategically in the 25 fields. Placing cards plays an essential role when you want to learn how to play Royal Vegas Solitaire, and also the score per hand is important. We will explain both below.

Royal Vegas Solitaire card game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • Drag the open-faced card next to the Stock (with a crown) to the desired place in the field.
  • After placing a card on the field, a new card will become available.
  • On the top left of your screen, you see a countdown clock. You need to finish a game before the time is up.
  • Next to each row of cards, you see a black dot; your total score for that row will be shown here.
  • You can earn a Joker by collecting three specific cards and placing them in the dedicated cells next to the playing field.
  • The Joker is wild and will help you create the best hand.
  • When the field is filled with cards within the time limit, the game of Vegas Solitaire is over, the system will then calculate your points, and you proceed to the next level.

Game features

While there are many different ways to place your card, there aren’t many game features. There is a tutorial where you can discover how to play Royal Vegas Solitaire, and there is a clock that works as a countdown timer. You can earn a joker by collecting three special cards. These cards you don’t place on the field but in dedicated cells under the stock card. You have options to quit a game and switch off the sounds in the menu. The most critical game feature is the scoring mechanism which we will explain separately.

How to score points with Royal Vegas Solitaire

You need to make poker hands in twelve rows in Royal Vegas Solitaire. That means that a card will be used to combine a horizontal row, vertical row, and even a diagonal line. Therefore it’s important to take your time before you place a card. Just keep in mind that there is a time limit on each level, so when the time is up, all cards must be placed. Here is the scoring legend for Royal Vegas Solitaire online free.

  • Pair: two cards that are the same (KK or QQ): 10 points
  • Two Pair: creating two pairs from four cards (KK and 33): 20 points
  • Flush: five cards from the same suit in any order (749JA diamonds): 50 points
  • Three of a kind: three cards with the same value (JJJ, 777): 60 points
  • Full House: Three of a kind + a Pair (44455): 10 points
  • Straight: Five cards in ascending order (5678910): 120 points
  • Four of a Kind: four identical cards ( KKKK, 9999): 160 points
  • Straight Flush: Five cards from the same suit in ascending order (45678 Spades): 300 points
  • Royal Flush: The five highest cards from the same suit in ascending order (10JQKA of Spades): 450 points.
  • Five of a Kind: five identical cards ( KKKKK, 44444): 500 points

Play free Royal Vegas Solitaire online

After discussing the gameplay, rules, and scoring opportunities of this game, you are ready to play free Vegas Solitaire online. You can scroll to the top of this page to try the full version of this game for free. Do you know that you can find over a hundred amazing solitaire games available on our site? You can’t only play free Royal Vegas Solitaire online, but many more interesting games are available. A game that is loved by many of our players is Zen Earth edition which is also available for free.