Fortune Solitaire Tiger Studio

Fortune Solitaire from Tiger Studio is a great solitaire game that is easy to play and is slightly different from other solitaire titles that you’ve come across. Fortune Solitaire is challenging with a minimalistic retro theme, twelve tableau cells, and many customization options. We will tell you how to play this game, explain the rules and even let you play Fortune Solitaire free online at the top of this page. Fortune Solitaire might be the perfect fit when you’re looking for a unique game that constantly keeps on challenging you!

Tiger Studio Fortune Solitaire rules

The Fortune Solitaire rules are simple to learn, and once you’ve mastered them, you’ll never forget them. If you’ve played solitaire before, you’ll understand the rules within a few seconds; reading the information in the following paragraphs is enough. Like any other Solitaire game, you have the goal to move all cards to the Foundation cells. You need to place an Ace as the first card in the Foundation and then follow an ascending order with a King as the last card. When all four Foundation cells have a King on top, you win Fortune Solitaire. There are a couple of specific Fortune Solitaire rules, which we will explain below.

Fortune Solitaire rules summary

  • You play a game of Fortune Solitaire with one deck of 52 cards.
  • Twelve cards are dealt on twelve cells in the Tableau.
  • The remaining cards are put in the Stockpile.
  • All Tableau cards are open-faced.
  • You can place cards from the same suit and one point lower on top of other Tableau cards.
  • The order in the Foundation is ascending. You start with an Ace and place a King as the thirteenth and last card on top.
  • All cards in one Foundation cell must be from the same suit.
  • You can only browse once through the Stockpile.
  • Each card you move to the Foundation gives you 15 points.
  • When you place a card from the Stockpile to the Tableau, you earn 10 points.
  • Moving a card from the Stock to the Foundation results in 10 points.
  • When you move cards inside the Tableau, you earn 5 points.
  • You can use the Undo button to reverse your last move.
  • With the Hint button, you reveal possible moves.
  • Each time you change a Stockpile card will cost you one move.
  • Once all cards from the Tableau and Stockpile are on the Foundation, you play by the Fortune Solitaire rules and win the game.

How to play Fortune Solitaire

After reading the following information, you know exactly how to play Fortune Solitaire. It’s not difficult to play this challenging game since it has many similarities with other Solitaire games. The objective is the same: you need to move all cards from the Tableau and Stockpile to the Foundation. You can combine same-suited cards in the Tableau by dragging a card with a point lower on top of the higher card. You can also use a Hint and Undo button to help you achieve Fortune Solitaire. Once all cards are on the Foundation, you win the game. That’s how to play Fortune Solitaire, in short.

fortune solitaire game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • You need to drag a card in the Tableau on top of a card from the same suit precisely one point higher.
  • You can place Tableau cards on top of other cards in the Tableau or directly to the Foundation.
  • The first card in the Foundation needs to be an Ace.
  • The Foundation cards are in ascending order, and each cell has its suit.
  • You can only browse once through the Stockpile.
  • You can’t move multiple cards at once. Fortune Solitaire is played card per card.
  • Clicking on the Undo button reverses your last action.
  • You win Fortune Solitaire online when all cards are on the four Foundation cells.

Game features

There are some interesting game features included in Fortune Solitaire. You have options to customize the colors and theme, can see your statistics, and disable the sounds of this game. There is also an instructions screen where you can read how to play Fortune Solitaire. You get hints by clicking on the Hints button and reverse your last action with the Undo button. The Fortune Solitaire game has a counter that tracks your moves, and the clock tracks your time.

Scoring points with Fortune Solitaire

You start free Fortune Solitaire online with zero points, but you’ll earn points each time you move a card. You get extra points for finishing a game faster and in as few moves as possible. The Fortune Solitaire scoring mechanism works as follows:

  • For each card you move to the Foundation, you receive 15 points.
  • Moving a card from the Stockpile to the Tableau, or Foundation gives 10 points.
  • When you move cards inside the Tableau, you earn 5 points.

Play free Fortune Solitaire online

You know now how to earn points, and it’s your time to set a good score with this Fortune Solitaire game. At the top of this page, you can play the game. You don’t need to search for a Fortune Solitaire download but can play free Fortune Solitaire online directly in your browser. If you love this game as much as we do, we’re confident that Solitaire Grande is also a great fit. Just like any other game on our website, Both Solitaire Grande and Fortune Solitaire are available for free,