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Is blue your favorite color, or do you feel like playing a straightforward Spider Solitaire game online without too much hassle? Then Spider Solitaire Blue might be the Solitaire game you’ve been looking for. All cards, buttons, and even the back background in Spider Solitaire Blue are blue. The game has multiple levels and is both challenging and entertaining. On this page, you will learn about the game features of Spider Solitaire Blue and the rules of this game. You can also play Spider Solitaire Blue free online at the top of this page!

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Gameboss Spider Solitaire Blue rules

The Gameboss Spider Solitaire Blue rules are the same as any other Spider Solitaire game. There are three levels. You play only with one suit in the easy level, the medium has two suits, and the most challenging level has four suits. In each level, the Spider Solitaire Blue rules are the same. You start with 500 points, and each move will cost you one point. The goal is to clear the cards on the Tableau in as few actions as possible. You need to make sequences of one suit from a King to an Ace to remove it from the Tableau. When all cards are gone, you win Gameboss Spider Solitaire Blue.

Spider Solitaire Blue rules summary

  • Fifty-four cards are divided over ten piles on top of your screen, with the lowest rows of cards open-faced.
  • You can place any card that’s exactly one point lower under another card.
  • The Ace is the lowest card, and the King is the highest card in Spider Solitaire Blue.
  • The only card on which you can place an Ace as a two.
  • Under a King, you can only put a Queen.
  • The cards from the Stockpile give you extra options, but you are obliged to use them to finish a game of Spider Solitaire Blue.
  • Clicking on a Stockpile card gives you a new open card in each column. Such a card gives you ten new cards under the ten columns.
  • You can only move multiple cards when they are in a sequence.
  • Only sequences from K-A (13 cards) will disappear from the Tableau when these cards are from the same suit.
  • You can use the undo button to reverse your last move.
  • A game of Spider Solitaire Blue starts with 500 points, and each action costs one point.
  • You win a game when all cards from the Tableau are removed.

How to play Spider Solitaire Blue

It’s not difficult to find out how to play Spider Solitaire Blue since we will tell you all about it in this paragraph. You can choose between three different levels, but each level has the same basic rules. Each card only fits under a card with one point higher. To clear cards from the Tableau, you need to make sequences from the same suit starting with a King as the highest card and ending with an Ace as the lowest. When all cards are removed, you win. It’s that simple.

spider solitaire blue gamesboss game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • You can move a card under another card if it is one point lower than that card.
  • The Ace is the lowest card in Spider Solitaire Blue and only fits under a two. A King is the highest, and only a Queen goes under that card.
  • You get a new open card in each column when you click on the Stockpile.
  • You can move multiple cards when they don’t have the same suit, but they must have a sequence from high to low.
  • With the Undo button, you can reverse your previous moves.

Game features

The main game features in Spider Solitaire Blue online are the three different levels and the fact that each detail is blue. In the first level, you play with one suit, then there is an option to play with two colors, and the third level allows you to play with all four card types. Other essential game features are the Undo button and the Stockpile, as in any Spider Solitaire game. On the top of your screen, you see a clock keeping track of your time spent on this game. Also, the number of moves and the remaining points are visible.

Play free Spider Solitaire Blue online

Spider Solitaire Blue free online is suitable for beginners and experienced players with three different levels of difficulty. You can play this fantastic game free at the top of the page to discover how good a Spider Solitaire player you are. Another great title we recommend is Spider Solitaire Big, also from Gameboss. You can decide which game you play first: both can be played for free and without registering!