Refuge Solitaire Ravalmatic

Refuge Solitaire is not your typical Solitaire game, but still very challenging and a viral game on our website. You play this game with 104 cards, and the Foundation has not four but eight cells. Four of them begin with an Ace, while the other start with a King. The goal of Refuge Solitaire is to move all cards from the sixteen Tableau columns to the Foundation. We will tell you exactly how to play this great game and go over the rules and features in the following paragraphs. You can also opt to play a Refuge Solitaire game directly at the top of this page.

Ravalmatic Refuge Solitaire rules

While the setup in Refuge Solitaire looks a bit different than the more traditional Solitaire games, the Refuge Solitaire rules are similar. Cards in the Tableau can be moved on top of one another when they share the same suit, and the card is one card higher or lower than the one beneath it. The goal is simple; you need to remove cards from the Tableau and move them to the Foundation. The Foundation is split into two parts: the “Ace” foundation with an ascending order and the “King” Foundation, where you need to place cards in descending order. Once all cards are in the Foundation, you win Refuge Solitaire.

Refuge Solitaire rules summary

  • You play Refuge Solitaire with 104 cards.
  • One row with sixteen piles at the top of your screen forms the Tableau.
  • The Ace Foundation cells begin with an Ace and have an ascending order of same-suited cards.
  • The King Foundation cells start with a King and have a descending order of same-suited cards.
  • In the Tableau, you can place a same-suited card on top of another card that is one point higher or lower than the card you want to move.
  • Use the Undo button to reverse your last move.
  • There are limited hints and reshuffles at each level.
  • When you don’t clear theTableau within the time limit, you lose Refuge Solitaire.

How to play Refuge Solitaire

If you want to learn how to play Refuge Solitaire, all you need to do is to read the following paragraphs. The game’s goal is straightforward: move all cards to the eight Foundation cells. Four of these cells begin with an Ace, while four start with a King. The only difference between the cells is that the Aces are arranged in ascending order, whereas the Kings are arranged in descending order. You can also move cards in the Tableau. You can place a card that is one point higher or lower and from the same suit on another card. Those are the essentials of how to play Refuge Solitaire, but to give you a complete overview, we also discuss how to move the cards.

refuge solitaire game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • Place a card on top of another card in the Tableau that is either one card higher or lower and from the same suit to free up other cards.
  • The ranking in the Ace Foundation is ascending. You need to place a two on top of the Ace, followed by a three. The last card in the Ace Foundation is a King.
  • The order in the King Foundation is descending, which means that you can place a Queen under a King, and then continue with same-suited cards with an Ace as the thirteenth card.
  • You have three hints per game available. A hint shows you a possible move.
  • With the Undo button, you can reverse your last move.
  • Per game, you can reshuffle the cards three times.
  • You need to finish the game within the time limit to win Refuge Solitaire.

Game features

When you start Refuge Solitaire, you’ll notice the excellent design with beautiful illustrations. There are a couple of game options. You can resign from a game but also save your current game. There are a couple of features that enhance the gameplay. The Undo button and the hints and reshuffle option are a big plus compared to other games. You can also disable the sounds and read how to play Refuge Solitaire online after clicking the Help button. The countdown timer in the Refuge Solitaire game has an essential role since you need to complete a game before the time is up.

Play free Refuge Solitaire online

Now you know how to play the game, it’s time to play free Refuge Solitaire online. The free game is available at the top of this page, and you don’t need to download Refuge Solitaire since you can play directly in your browser. There are many more free solitaire games to discover on our website. Royal Vegas Solitaire is a unique game that combines poker and Solitaire. Give it a try or play free Refuge Solitaire online; the choice is yours!