Algerian Solitaire Ravalmatic

Algerian Solitaire is not that famous, but the game still has thousands of fans around the globe. This Algerian Solitaire combines two amazing Solitaire games and promises lots of fun. On this page, we will tell you what’s so special about Algerian Solitaire, discuss the gameplay and go over the rules of this fantastic game. After reading what makes this game so unique, you can play Algerian Solitaire free online at the top of this page.

Ravalmatics Algerian Solitaire rules 

While the Algerian Solitaire rules are a combination of two games, they are still very easy to understand. Like many other Solitaire games, it’s your goal to move cards to the Foundation. The rules state that there are eight Foundation cells. Four of them are marked with an Ace and the other four with a King. On the Ace foundation cells, you need to place them in ascending order with a K as the last card. Build the Kings down in suit to the Ace. When all cards are equally divided over the eight Foundation cells, you win Algerian Solitaire.

Algerian Solitaire rules summary

  • You play with two decks of cards.
  • Algerian Solitaire starts with 12 cards in the Tableau, 32 cards in the Stockpile the remaining cards in the six cells on the bottom of your screen (Reserve).
  • All cards in the Tableau are open-faced.
  • The rules allow you only to build the Ace Foundation same-suited in ascending order (+1)
  • An Ace is the first card in the Ace Foundation, and a King is the last card.
  • You need to start with A King in the King Foundation cells and go in descending order (-1) to the Ace as the last card.
  • Cards in the Tableau can be moved on top of another as long as they have the same suit and the card being placed is directly higher or lower in value than the card beneath it.
  • Algerian Solitaire stops when no more moves are possible, and there are no other cards to deal with.
  • You win by following the rules and ensuring all eight Foundation cells are filled with 13 cards.

How to play Algerian Solitaire

Algerian Solitaire combines two games, so learning how to play is very easy to understand if you have played Aces and Kings Solitaire or Aces up Solitaire before. Even if you have never heard about these games, you will still discover how easy it is how to play Algerian Solitaire; 

The main objective is to move all 104 cards to the eight Foundation cells. You need to make sure that you make four descending series that start with an Ace and four ascending series that begin with a King. Besides moving cards directly to the Foundation, you can also move cards within the Tableau. A same-suited card with a point lower or higher can be moved on top of another card.

Algerian Solitaire game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • The first card in a Foundation must be an Ace if that cell shows an A or a King if that cell shows a King. 
  • Move cards on the “King” foundation cell if they are exactly one card lower and from the same suit as the current card.
  • You can move a card to the “Ace” Foundation cell if it is from the same suit and a point higher than the current card.
  • It’s possible to place cards on top of each other in the Tableau if they differ one point in value but are from the same point.
  • Cards from the Reserve you can move to the Tableau or the Foundation. 
  • A click on the Stockpile gives you four new Reserve cards.
  • The last six cards from the Stockpile will be spread over the six Tableau cells instead of over the Reserve.

Game features

Algerian Solitaire has a modern look and feel, entertaining background music, and a unique design. There is no Undo button, but the Algerian Solitaire game boasts an instructions screen where you can see how the game works. You can reset the game when you think you can’t beat Algerian Solitaire online. There is no scoring mechanism or other levels. You play a round and then play another random game. This game offers enough to keep you challenged and entertained for a couple of hours and doesn’t need more game features.

Play free Algerian Solitaire online

Did you manage to finish Aces Up Solitaire or Alhambra Solitaire? Then you must give Algerian Solitaire a try. This game combines the best of two games and keeps you hooked. You can bring your skills up for the test at the top of this page, but also the previously mentioned solitaire games are available for free. Play free Algerian Solitaire online now, or play one of the many other free solitaire games on our website.