Alhambra Solitaire Novel Games

Novel Games made a unique game with Alhambra Solitaire that will challenge you for hours. The rules are pretty simple, but that doesn’t mean that you easily win an Alhambra Solitaire game. On this page, we’ll show you how to win, what the rules are, and tell you everything about the gameplay of this great game. Whether you’d like first to read about Alhambra Solitaire Novel Games or play the game directly, you’ve come to the right place. You can play free Alhambra Solitaire online at the top of this page.

Novel Games Alhambra Solitaire rules

The Alhambra Solitaire rules are a bit different than other Solitaire rules. Your main objective in the game is to move all cards to the eight Foundation cells. The game starts with four Aces and four Kings in the eight foundation cells. Under the Aces, you need to make a sequence of same-suited cards in ascending order (Ace to King). The first card on top of a King in the Foundation cell is a Queen from the same suit. These cells follow a descending ranking. When all 104 cards are on the Foundation cells, you win Alhambra Solitaire. Now you know the essential rule from the Alhambra Solitaire rules. We made an overview of other rules from this game below.

Alhambra Solitaire rules summary

  • Alhambra Solitaire uses two decks of cards.
  • The rules let you start with eight cards in the Foundation cells, eight columns with four open-faced cards in the Tableau, and the remaining cards in the Stockpile.
  • Move cards from the Stockpile or the Tableau to the Foundation by placing a +1 higher(Ace Foundation) or -1 lower card (King Foundation) on top of the current Foundation Card.
  • You can move a card from the Tableau to the Stockpile if that card is from the same suit and one point higher or lower than the current card.
  • You can browse two times through the Stockpile pile.
  • There is no Undo button or Joker.
  • Alhambra Solitaire tracks the time you spend on a game, and the number of cards moved to the Foundation.

How to play Alhambra Solitaire

Once you know how to play Alhambra Solitaire, you will try to become faster and faster to set a score on the leaderboard. It’s your goal to move as quickly as possible to the Foundation. You can transfer cards from the Tableau to the Foundation, but you can also move them to the Stockpile. This will help you to place other cards quicker in the Foundation. You can change the Stockpile card once you see no other cards to move. Once all the cards fill the Foundation cells, you win. Read the following paragraphs to discover how to play Alhambra Solitaire before giving this game a try.

Alhambra Solitaire game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • When you start Alhambra Solitaire, the Foundation cells are filled with four Aces and four Kings.
  • You can move only the fully visible cards in the Tableau to the Foundation or the Stockpile.
  • The cards under the Ace in the Foundation are in ascending order (+1), and have all the same suit.
  • A Queen goes on top of the King in the Foundation. The cards must be in the same suit and descending order (-1).
  • You can move a card to the Stockpile if it has the same suit and is a point higher or lower than the current card.
  • You cannot move cards from one column to another in the Tableau.
  • Remember that there is no Undo button, so be careful when changing the Stockpile card; you can only browse twice through the Stockpile.
  • You win an Alhambra Solitaire game when all cards are on the eight Foundation cells.

Game features

Alhambra Solitaire has a couple of game features that are worth mentioning. The main menu shows a button that leads you to the leaderboard. That means that there is a scoring mechanism in Alhambra Solitaire. With Alhambra Solitaire, the scoring is based on your time spent and the number of cards you moved to the Foundation. The higher the number of cards and the faster you are, the higher you get on the leaderboard. Alhambra does not have jokers, an Undo button, or options to change the design. In the game menu, you can only change the volume of both FX sounds and music and have the opportunity to play on full screen.

Play free Alhambra Solitaire online

You know how to play Alhambra Solitaire, what you can expect from this game and how you can set a score on the leaderboard. What else do you need? An Alhambra Solitaire download? That is unnecessary; you can play free Alhambra Solitaire online straight in your browser on our website. Besides Alhambra Solitaire, there are tons of other games you can play for free. Why don’t you try a couple of games like Amazing Freecell Solitaire or Aris Solitaire? You don’t need to download or register; just play and have fun!