Solitaire Farm Softgames

Solitaire Farm from Softgames is a fantastic solitaire game with a fun farm theme. This title is very popular on our website, and many players enjoy a Solitaire Farm game daily. On this page, you will figure out why that is. We’ll tell you how to play Solitaire Farm and what you can expect from the gameplay and rules. We also allow you to play Solitaire Farm free online. You can choose: read first how to play the game and then give Solitaire Farm a try or play directly and learn the rules while playing. Solitaire Farm is a great game, so don’t wait too long and find out yourself.

Softgames Solitaire Farm rules

The Softgames Solitaire Farm rules are simple to understand, and that is directly one of the reasons this game is so popular. A card is displayed at the bottom of your screen, and you must place a card on top that is one point higher or lower. That card will then take the place of the card on the bottom. This search for a higher or lower card continues as you try to clear the board. If you don’t see another card to match, you can switch to a different base card. The Solitaire Farm rules state that you win a game when you place all cards on the Base.

Solitaire Farm rules overview

  • Solitaire Farm has multiple levels where you play with a different number of cards.
  • You can replace a bottom “Base” card with a one-point higher or lower card.
  • You can replace an Ace with both a King and two.
  • You change the base card by clicking on the closed cards next to the Base.
  • By clearing multiple cards in a row, you can earn bonus points and multipliers.
  • For each card you remove, you get 100 points.
  • A free undo is available, but the times you can use the Undo differs each game.
  • Extra bonuses such as exploding watermelons that clear all surrounding cards become available once you play the first levels.
  • You can earn bonus points by doing “tasks” on the farm, such as cropping corn and sawing wood during the levels.
  • Based on your score in Solitaire Farm, you earn stars. The more stars you receive, the higher your benefits.
  • After clearing a level, you proceed to the next level.
  • Some levels you can only play after you have earned enough stars.

How to play Solitaire Farm

Do you want to learn how to play Solitaire Farm? After reading this paragraph, you know exactly how the game works. Because there is only one way to play this game, it is very simple to learn. At the same time, this does not imply that the game becomes monotonous. Many game options, features, and challenges will entertain you for hours. Your objective is to clear the board by placing cards one point higher or lower on top of the current bottom card. When you see an 8, you must replace it with a 7 or a 9. If you don’t see any possible moves, you can change the card at the bottom.

Solitaire Farm seasons game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • In the first level, you can learn how to play Solitaire Farm with a tutorial showing how to move the cards.
  • Click on a card in the Tableau to move it to the Base.
  • You can only replace Base cards with cards that are one point higher or lower
  • An Ace can be replaced by both a King and a Two.
  • Click on the Stockpile to change the Base card.
  • You get bonus points for clearing multiple cards in a row or clearing specific cards.
  • Click on a watermelon to remove all cards around it at once.
  • At each level, you have a limited number of undo actions.
  • When all cards are at the Base, you win Solitaire Farm.

Game features

Solitaire Farm boasts a ton of game features. Besides the regular undo button and tutorials, you can earn bonus points. There are many different ways to do so. There are extra tasks such as harvesting that will get you bonus points between the levels. When you’re playing Solitaire Farm, you will notice that you receive many tips on how to earn extra points and features. Each level is different and has multiple features. With jokers, watermelons, and many other items, Solitaire Farm online is interesting for any player looking for a Solitaire game with lots of fun.

Scoring points in Solitaire Farm

The scoring mechanism in Solitaire Farm is straightforward. You get 100 points (coins) for each card you move to the Base. After removing all cards in Solitaire Farm, the game will show your unused Base cards. For each new card, you receive bonus points. When you clear multiple cards in a row, a multiplier shows up, allowing you to score more points. With the extra tasks in between levels, you can earn extra points. Keep in mind that you pay 1.000 coins to play a new level so try to collect as many coins as possible.

Play free Solitaire Farm online

You’ve read how to play Solitaire Farm, know the rules, and discovered some of the game features in this fantastic game. Now it’s time to play free Solitaire Farm online and challenge your brain. Scroll to the top of this page to play free Solitaire Farm online or try one of the many other free solitaire games on our website. If you’re unsure which game to pick, we recommend Solitaire Fortune, which has a fun retro theme.