Aces Up Solitaire Novel Games

Aces Up Solitaire is one of those games where you don’t win often but constantly keeps you hooked for hours. The game has straightforward rules, making it very easy to play. You’ve come to the right place to discover how Aces Up Solitaire works. We’ll go over the rules and gameplay and explain your objective and how to win a game of Aces Up Solitaire. At the top of this page, you can already play Aces Up Solitaire free. There is no need to download or register.

Novel Games Aces Up Solitaire rules

The Aces Up Solitaire rules are more accessible than many other Solitaire games. You win Aces Up Solitaire when you combine all cards into four piles that have an ace on top. The Aces Up Solitaire rules allow you to combine two same-suited cards on the same horizontal card lines. The smaller card disappears under, the bigger one. When you manage to move all cards under a higher card, you have four Aces and win Aces Up Solitaire.

Aces Up Solitaire rules summary

  • You play Aces Up Solitaire with 52 cards.
  • An Aces Up Solitaire game starts with four open-faced cards in the Tableau and the remaining 48 cards on the Stockpile.
  • Click on the lowest of two same-suited cards to place it under the higher card and make space for a card.
  • You can only combine cards with the same suit.
  • The lowest card always goes under the higher card.
  • You can scroll once through the Stockpile.
  • When no other moves are possible, and the Stockpile cards are all used, you lose Aces Up Solitaire.
  • An empty cell can be filled with any card.
  • When the only four remaining cards are four Aces, you win Aces Up Solitaire online free.

How to play Aces Up Solitaire

You’ll find out that how to play Aces Up Solitaire isn’t difficult at all. As long as you remember the Aces Up Solitaire rules and that you can only place same-suited cards on the same line under each other, you can play this game. When you see seven and an eight of hearts on the same horizontal line, you can click on the seven to move it under the eight. New cards don’t show up automatically; you need to click on the Stockpile first. This gives you the freedom to first combine as many cards as possible.

aces up solitaire game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • The game starts with four cards in a row; these cards will form four vertical columns once you add more cards.
  • Combine two cards from the same suit that are one the same line, by clicking on the lower card.
  • Click on the Stockpile to get four new cards when you don’t have another possibility.
  • Cards that don’t have the same suit can’t be combined.
  • The lowest card will move under the higher card; the highest card stays visible.
  • Any card can fill up an empty cell.
  • Click on the desired card to move it to the open cell, or click on the Stockpile to move a Stockpile card there.
  • Aces Up Solitaire does not have an Undo button or give hints.
  • There is no undo button; you can’t go back when you process a move.
  • Click on the Waste pile at the bottom to add a new card if you don’t see any other options
  • You win the Aces Up Solitaire game once you have only four Aces left.

Game features

When you start Aces Up Solitaire, the first thing you see is that there is a leaderboard. That leaderboard is directly the main function of Aces Up Solitaire online. You don’t only need to finish the game with four Aces; you also want to get the fastest time. When you start the game, the clock starts ticking. You can see the time spent on a solitaire game in seconds on top of your screen. Each time you finish a game, you can play another game, the setup and display are always the same, and there are no different levels. We advise you to be careful with your moves since there is no undo button to reverse wrong actions.

Play free Aces Up Solitaire online

Do you think you can get your name on the leaderboard of Aces Up Solitaire? Then scroll to the top of this page to play an Aces Up Solitaire game free. You don’t need to create an account or search for an Aces Up Solitaire download. That’s right! You can play Aces Up Solitaire free online at this page. Besides this game, we offer many other interesting Solitaire titles on our website, such as 13 in 1 Solitaire or Algerian Solitaire