Daily Solitaire Shockwave

Do you want to play the most exciting Solitaire games every day? Then Daily Solitaire might just be the perfect game for you. Each day you have new Solitaire games with three different levels of difficulty. On our website, you can play Daily Solitaire free online. Before you start playing, it would be wise to read how to play Daily Solitaire and discover all the rules. We will tell you all about this wonderful Shockwave game, so you are ready to play Daily Solitaire Shockwave at the top of this page.

Shockwave Daily Solitaire rules

The Shockwave Daily Solitaire rules are similar to other regular solitaire titles and, therefore, easy to understand. Of all the Daily Solitaire rules, the main one is to clear the Tableau by moving cards to the Foundation. You win Daily Solitaire free online when all cards are on the Foundation. The first card you need to move to the Foundation is an Ace. Afterward, you need to make an ascending sequence of cards with the same suit. In the Tableau you need to move cards under other cards with a different color and are one point higher. By moving the cards in the Tableau, you free up other cards that will give you more opportunities to win Daily Solitaire.

Daily Solitaire rules summary

  • Daily Solitaire starts with 28 cards in the Tableau divided over seven columns.
  • You can move a card in the Tableau when it is one point lower and has a different color than the card you want to place it under.
  • The first Foundation card is always an Ace.
  • The cards in a Foundation cell need to be from the same suit.
  • The hierarchy in the Tableau is descending (K-A) while the Foundation order is ascending (A-K)
  • A King or sequence with a King on top can fill up an empty spot in the Tableau.
  • All Stockpile cards must be used to win Daily Solitaire.
  • You can browse multiple times through the Stockpile.
  • The Stockpile deals one card at a time at the easy level, two cards at medium, and three cards at the most difficult level.
  • You can use the Undo button to reverse your last moves.

How to play Daily Solitaire

There is no need to search How to play Daily Solitaire. We will explain exactly how this game works in the following paragraphs. Besides, there is also an instructions tab in the game itself where you can discover how to play Daily Solitaire. As long as you remember that you need to make descending sequences with alternating colors in the Tableau and ascending sequences from the same suit in the Foundation, you know the basics of how to play Daily Solaire.

daily solitaire shockwave game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • You can move cards under another card with one point higher and from another color in the Tableau
  • In the Tableau, you can move either one card or a sequence of descending cards with alternating colors.
  • The Foundation fills up card by card.
  • The Stockpile cards give you more cards to make sequences in the Tableau.
  • Stockpile cards can also be moved directly to the Foundation.
  • You can browse unlimited times through the Stockpile
  • You can click on the Undo button to reverse your last move.

Game features

Daily Solitaire offers three levels of difficulty and daily challenges. At each level, there are scoring opportunities, and there is a clock that tracks your time. There are new levels available in the Daily Solitaire game every day, and it’s your goal to make it do the daily leaderboard. Daily Solitaire has a modern look and allows you to enable or disable the sounds. There is an Undo button to reverse your last moves and a screen with instructions in the menu. The faster you finish your Daily Solitaire game, the higher your score will be.

Play free Daily Solitaire online

Playing free Daily Solitaire online is challenging, fun, and easy to find. You can just scroll up to the top of this page to play the game. You don’t need a Daily software download, but you can play directly in your (mobile) browser. Besides Daily Solitaire free online, you can play tons of other solitaire games online . A game that you really can’t miss is WEB Solitaire. Just like Daily Solitaire, Magic Towers Solitaire is free to play!