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Are you looking for a fun Freecell game that’s easy to understand without feeling the need to take your reading glasses? Then you must try Freecell Big, a fantastic Freecell game from Gameboss. The cards in Freecell Big are bigger than in other games, making it easier to play. But also, if you don’t need glasses to play a Freecell online game, Freecell Big is a fantastic title. You can play the game directly on this page and read about the rules and Freecell Big game features here.

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Gameboss Freecell Big rules

Like many other Gameboss titles, the Freecell Big rules are easy to follow and not complicated. The game is suitable for both beginners and more advanced players. You win when you’re able to place all 52 cards on the four foundation staples. The Freecell Big Gameboss rules also allow you to use the “undo” button as much as you please. There is no time limit, so you get all the time you need.

Freecell Big rules overview

  • The system deals 52 cards over eight columns.
  • You can move a row of cards with one more than free cells are available.
  • To place a card under another one in the tableau, it must be one point lower and another color.
  • The first card in the foundation is always an Ace, the last one a King.
  • Free cells in the tableau are for any single cards and rows
  • With the undo button, you can undo your previous move.
  • You can use the undo button unlimited.
  • The Freecell Big Gameboss rules apply automatically in every game.
  • When you place all 52 cards in the four foundation cells, you win the game.

How to play Freecell Big

The answer to the question “How to play Freecell Big” has a short answer: just like any other Freecell game. Find the best way to move all the 52 cards from the tableau to the foundation. Keep in mind that only cards with alternating colors and one point lower fit under another card. Besides, there is no difference between playing at home or how to play Freecell Big online.

screenshot of freecell big game

How to move the cards

You can move the cards either by double-clicking or dragging them to the desired spot. A double-click will place the card directly on the best possible location, but this can also be a free cell. If you want to be in control while playing Freecell Big, it’s better to stick with the drag & drop. Since you can vary between both methods, it’s up to you how to play Freecell Big online free.

  • Any card is allowed on a free cell.
  • The maximum number of cards to move at once within the tableau is one more than the number of free cells. You can place four cards at once if three free cells are available.
  • You’re only allowed to place a card with one value lower and another color under another card.
  • An Ace is always the first card in the foundation cells.
  • Moving cards to the foundation cells happens by double-clicking on the card.

Game features

Gameboss Freecell Big offers the function to switch off the sounds and play the game in full-screen mode. Oversized cards, smooth animations, and the ability to pick your favorite game number are three unique game features for Freecell Big. The unlimited usage of the undo button is another benefit of this game. On top of your screen, you see an overview of time spent, the number of actions so far, and the remaining cards. Freecell Big online is optimized for both mobile and desktop usage, so you can play this fantastic game wherever you are!

Play free Freecell Big online

There is no need to search for a Freecell Big online free version; scroll up on this page to start playing directly. Besides this title from Gameboss, you can find tons of other fun Freecell and Solitaire games on our site. Freecell Solitaire Classic from Addicting Games is an exciting game from another developer. Each game is 100% without ads and guaranteed free to play!