Classic Solitaire Deluxe Agame

Classic Solitaire Deluxe is one of the most popular Solitaire games on our website, and that’s not without reason. While there are many different Solitaire variants, Classic Solitaire Deluxe is one of the old-school games with the traditional Solitaire rules. We will go over the rules and gameplay but also let you play Classic Solitaire Deluxe for free. You’ll discover why this game has so many raving fans worldwide on this page. You’ve come to the right spot, whether you first want to read how to play this game or try a round directly.

Agame Classic Solitaire Deluxe rules

The Agame Classic Solitaire Deluxe rules are similar to any other solitaire game and very easy to understand. The most important rule from the Classic Solitaire Deluxe rules is that you need to move cards under other cards in the Tableau with contrasting colors and one point higher. Your objective is to move all cards to the Foundation cells. The ranking in the Foundation is ascending. You start with an Ace and end with a King as a thirteenth card. Once you move all 52 cards to the four Foundation cells, you win Classic Solitaire Deluxe.

Classic Solitaire Deluxe rules summary

  • Classic Solitaire Deluxe begins with 28 cards divided over seven columns in the Tableau.
  • You can move a card under another card that is one point lower and a different color.
  • The Ace is the first card in the Foundation.
  • Foundation cards must be from the same suit and in ascending order.
  • The Classic Solitaire Deluxe rules state that you need to use all Stockpile cards to win the game.
  • You get five points for each card you move in the Tableau.
  • For each card you move to the Foundation, you receive fifteen points.
  • You can browse multiple times through the Stockpile.
  • When playing in easy mode, the Stockpile deals one card at a time. In hard mode, you receive three cards with a click on the Stockpile.

How to play Classic Solitaire Deluxe

You’ve come to the right place if you wonder How to play Classic Solitaire Deluxe. We will tell you how this game works and go over the rules. If you want to play directly, simply scroll to the top of the page without reading how to play Classic Solitaire Deluxe. There is also an instructions screen that explains how you can play the game. As long as you remember, you have to create the same-suited ascending sequences in the Foundation and descending sequences with alternating colors in the Tableau; you can win Classic Solitaire Deluxe without studying how to play it.

classic solitaire deluxe game screenshot

How to move the cards

  • You can move cards under another card with one point higher and from another color in the Tableau,
  • While you can move multiple cards at once in the Tableau, you must fill up the Foundation card by card.
  • The cards in the Foundation need to be from the same suit.
  • Use the Stockpile cards to move longer sequences and free up other cards in the Tableau.
  • Only a King can fill empty an empty cell in the Tableau.
  • You can browse multiple times through the Stockpile.
  • It’s allowed to move cards directly from the Stockpile to the Foundation.
  • Reverse previous moves with the Undo button.
  • You win Classic Solitaire Deluxe when the four Foundation cells are filled from Ace to King.

Game features

Classic Solitaire Deluxe is filled with different game features with two different difficulty levels and many different options. You can choose between left-handed or right-handed games, there are plenty of game statistics, and you can switch on or disable the sounds. Classic Solitaire Deluxe has a clock where you can see the time spent on a level, a counter that tracks the number of moves, and a scoring mechanism that we will discuss separately. If you want to correct a previous move, you can use the Undo button. All these features make Classic Solitaire a great game that keeps on challenging you. Many different languages are available in Classic Solitaire Deluxe; you can switch languages in the main menu.

Scoring points on Classic Solitaire Deluxe

With Classic Solitaire Deluxe, you have multiple ways to score points. You can only gain points; you can’t lose points with this game. Your time spent on a game combined with the points scored determines your place on the leaderboard. You receive points for moving cards in the Tableau and placing cards in the Foundation:

  • For each card you move in the Tableau, you get five points
  • For every card you move to the Foundation, you receive fifteen points.

Play free Classic Solitaire Deluxe online

Are you ready to play a challenging and fun Solitaire game? Then now is your chance to play free Classic Solitaire Deluxe online. At the top of this page, you’ll not find a Classic Solitaire Deluxe download but a free game that you can play directly in your browser. Besides that game, we have tons of other games on our website. Each of them is available for free. A title we want to recommend is Classic Spider Solitaire!