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Klondike Solitaire is a game with a simple design and setup, making it great to play online. You can play this game just like any other game of Solitaire, and therefore it has many fans around the world. You can play EG Solitaire King Free online on this page. We’ll also go through the EG Solitaire King rules and explain how to move the cards. There is no need to download EG Solitaire King. On this page you can play directly in your browser and don’t even need to leave this page. EG Solitaire King rules

If you’ve ever played Klondike Solitaire, you’ll be pleased to learn that the rules of EG Solitaire King are identical to those of other games in the genre. In addition, also the objective of the EG Solitaire King game is the same as it is in other games. All of the cards must be moved to the four Foundation cells at the top of the screen. Keep in mind that you must add cards from the same suit on the Foundation from low (Ace) to high (King). The cards in the Tableau are arranged in the reverse order (from King to Ace) and in different colors. You’ve followed the EG Solitaire King rules and won the game when all of your cards are on the four Foundations.

EG Solitaire King rules summary

  • According to the EG Solitaire King rules, twenty-eight cards are spread over seven rows at the start.
  • The first row in EG Solitaire King has one open-faced card, while each following column has one extra closed card above that card.
  • In the Tableau, you can put cards under a one-point higher card and from another color.
  • Each Foundation cell starts with an Ace and ends with a King.
  • All cards in the Foundation must be from the same suit.
  • Each closed card you move in the Tableau gives you 5 points.
  • For each foundation card you place, you get 10 points.
  • You need to use all cards to win an EG Solitaire King online game.
  • You can only put a King or pile of cards that start with a King on an empty Tableau cell.
  • You can use the Undo button as much as you need.

How to play EG Solitaire King

Are you interested to learn how to play EG Solitaire King? Then you’ve arrived at the right location. We’ll walk you through how to move the cards and how to play EG Solitaire King. You can choose between multiple difficulty levels and turn one or three cards from the Stockpile at once. Turning three cards is more difficult, so starting with one card may be easier if this is your first time playing. After reading the information below, you’ll be ready to play EG Solitaire King for free online and even set a new high score.

EG Solitaire King game screenshot

How to move the cards

When learning how to play EG Solitaire King, you must first understand how to move the cards. EG Solitaire King is simple to play because wrong moves aren’t possible since they get blocked automatically by the system. 

  • You need to drag cards under other cards that are one point higher and have a different color in the Tableau.
  • Use cards from the Stockpile to make longer series and free up other cards in the Tableau.
  • The Foundation always has the following ranking: A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K.
  • You can only place a King or a sequence beginning with a King on an empty Tableau cell.
  • The Foundation cards in one cell must be all from the same suit.
  • You can move cards directly from the Foundation to the Tableau.
  • With the Undo button, you can reverse your last moves.
  • Click on the Hint button to see which moves are possible
  • Move all cards to the Foundation to win EG Solitaire King.

Game features

The game features of EG Solitaire King are basic and will not complicate your game experience. Your moves are tracked, and there is a clock tracking your time spent on a game. You can reverse your last move by using the Undo button. Even scoring points is easy, For each closed card you turn in the tableau, or card you move from the Stockpile, you get five points. For every card you place in the Foundation, you receive ten points. The Hint button is helping you make the right choices and shows possible moves. EG Solitaire King has a retro design but has enough to offer to play free EG Solitaire King online for hours in a row.

Play free EG Solitaire King online

You’ve learned how to play the game, as well as the rules and features of EG Solitaire King. Now is the moment to put your Klondike skills to the test by playing free online EG Solitaire King. Aside from EG Solitaire King, we’d like to draw your attention to another solitaire games on our website. You can find tons of free Solitaire games, but Zen Earth Edition might be the most beautiful Solitaire game you’ll ever come across. Play free EG Solitaire King online or give one of the other games a try, the choice is yours.