FGP Pyramid Solitaire Agame

Can you combine two cards with a total value of 13? That is the big challenge with FGP Pyramid Solitaire. On this page, you will learn how to play this game and play Solitaire for free. Besides learning about the rules, you will discover the game features and figure out if FPG Pyramid Solitaire from Agame is the best game for you to try out. Read the following information, and you will know exactly how to play the game and give it a go. You don’t need to download or register: just play FGP Pyramid Solitaire directly in your browser.

FGP Pyramid Solitaire Rules

The first thing you should know is that the goal of FGP Pyramid Solitaire is to remove all of the cards in the Pyramid by pairing cards that add up to 13. You begin with 28 face-up cards that form a pyramid. The cards are partially overlapping. The game’s remaining 24 cards are placed face-down in the Stock. When you click on the Stock, you will see a new card to create combinations. Each time you make a value of 13 from two cards, these cards will disappear from the board. That is the essential point of the FGP Pyramid Solitaire rules: you win when the board is empty.

FGP Pyramid Solitaire rules summary

  • You start Pyramid Solitaire with 28 open-faced cards in a Pyramid shape.
  • Match two cards that total 13 to clear them from the board.
  • You can only use fully visible cards
  • You can browse three times through the Stockpile.
  • Each click on the Stockpile gives you a new possible card to use.
  • The FG Pyramid rules state that you can re-deal a whole new board twice per game.
  • You get 5 points for each combination of 13 you make.
  • When you clear the first row, you get 25 points.
  • For every following row you clear, you receive 25 points more.
  • You can reverse your previous move with the undo button.
  • When the last card is removed from the Pyramid, you win FGP Pyramid Solitaire and continue to the next board.

How to play FGP Pyramid Solitaire

It will not take too much time to learn how to play FGP Pyramid Solitaire. There is an instructions screen in the game itself, but also, by reading the following paragraph, you will find out how to play FGP Pyramid Solitaire online. The rules are straightforward, but that doesn’t mean that the game will ever stop challenging you. The game’s objective is to make pairs that make together 13 points, or a King, which also has a value of 13. For each time you remove cards from the board, you will get 5 points, but you also receive points for a row that you clear. Once all cards are removed from the board, you win the game. That is how to play FGP Pyramid Solitaire in a nutshell.

How to move the cards

  • Pair two cards that add up to 13. Click on the first card and then on the second one.
  • Only cards that don’t have other cards on top can be combined.
  • You don’t need to worry about suits; each card can be paired.
  • Click on the Stock to open up a new card.
  • You can browse three times through the Stockpile.
  • You can reset the board if you don’t see other options after using all cards. You are allowed to do this two times.
  • A King has a value of 13 points and can be removed by itself.
  • A Queen (12 points) and an Ace (1 Point) form 13 points.
  • The Jack is worth 11 points
  • Any numbered card is worth the same as the number on the card
  • When all cards are removed, you win FGP Pyramid Solitaire online

Game features

While FGP Pyramid Solitaire looks basic, some game features make this game very interesting. There is a scoring mechanism, and you can set a high score. In the meantime, there is a clock that tracks your time. You can read exactly how the game works on the instructions screen. You can browse three times through the Stockpile, and you also can redeal the board twice per level. After clearing a level board, you continue to the next level in FGP Pyramid Solitaire.

Scoring points with FGP Pyramid Solitaire

There are multiple ways to score points with FGP Pyramid Solitaire. WIth FGP Pyramid Solitaire, you can’t lose points and only gain points.

  • You get 5 points each time you make a combination of 13.
  • When you clear the first row, you get 25 points.
  • Removing the second row gives you 50 points
  • You get 75 points for the third row.
  • When you clear the fourth row, you get 100 points.
  • If there are more rows, you get 25 points for each following row.

Play free FGP Pyramid Solitaire online

Did you know all of the Solitaire games on our website are available to play free online? Now that you’ve read how to play FGP Pyramid Solitaire online, it’s time to try this game. You can scroll to the top of this page to play this game. You don’t need to search for an FGP Pyramid Solitaire download but can play directly from your browser. Besides this fantastic game, Agame also created FGP Solitaire, which is also available on our website and free to play